Final hunt

Boss battle

I gave the girl a hunting knife, and a leather jerkin, then i told her to work at the adventurers guild.

I wanted to keep her but considering shes an npc, if i log out she will probably wander of because the time line here continues, even for new players villages and towns won remain the same.

Everything will change, nothing is temporary, an npc can die and never revive, a city can crumble and it will never rise again, a nation can fall, a new one can replace it. Half the planet will be split open, it will disappear…

And it happened quite a lot to be honest, thats why this game would have a total of 261 metabytes, the game set i have has around 3 techabytes.

In fact the best part about this new kind of game sets is that you can use real money to increase your storage instead of buying memory disks which can be corrupted.

But i think this might be a bit too much to think, i should really focus on the game. Plus i need do a dungeon alone…

Theres an extremely rare achievement in the game, only 10 people can gain this achievement, but its an extremely difficult feat.

First the dungeon must be 5-40 levels higher than you depending your level, thankfully Im only level 2 and the nearest dungeon is level 8, even if you level up in the dungeon as long as you were 5-40 levels below since you started, it will still count.

Outside the city of beginning is a lot of people crowding over the mobs, actually it seems that the level 1-3 mobs vs the level 1-5 players are on equal footing! These mobs are only slimes, rabbits, and snakes, but it looks like they know what to do.

Slimes act as the sacrificial bait, rabbits bait, and snakes do the damage, these mobs are doing tag team huh.

In fact the players are blindly following the mobs thinking its just running away, well thats usually how mobs work anyway.

I walked to the direction of the dungeon, actually its pretty crowded. People who are level 9-12 are forming parties together.

No one is eyeing me one bit, well i am wearing nothing but starter clothes, one of them, a girl who seems to be a rogue class looked at me and held my shoulder and said ”hey cutie, this isn a place for a noobie. You should level up first! ”

Actually looking at her closely, i can tell she seemed familiar… Then i realised, she will be the future guild leader of the top 9th guild, the luna astria.

But like i care, she will only gain a skill that can cause paralysis, stun, slow, buff effects on a single skill.

In fact there is a stronger skill… The world ending skills… One is found on the core of this planet, once someone gains that skill the planet will break, all players will be forcefully logged out… And the timeline will change…

My thoughts were interrupted when some guy with red hair said to the girl Im talking to said ”what are you doing execution? ” she immediately replied ”Im just telling this noobie to get stronger first so he won have a hard time doing the dungeon! ”

She is still as polite as ever, no one can see my level, and i can see theirs aswell… Of course this can change due to a hidden skill… But its best left unknown for now…

I looked at her and said ”thank you for your worries! But i know the dangers in the dungeon. ”

I walked to the entrance of the dungeon, many other people are going, many of them are staying on the 1st floor, some are going to the 2nd floor.

The dungeon is pretty crowded, i can see people every turn i take, i descended on the 2nd floor, this time with fewer people, no one seems to be looking at my direction so i immediately wore the rat slayer outfit.

This dungeon is only filled with slime, so it shouldn be that hard even if most of them can cast spells. A slime near me saw me and casted a spell on me, suddenly a bolt of light but i propelled back to him, now he looks squisher than before.

He mustve used the skill squish, a slime exclusive skill, which will evolve into a transformation skill, making the slime humanoid but will cost 1 mana per minute and self mana regeneration will not be available.

But right now it will only weaken the defense of your enemies by 10%-30% and unables movement. So i just stomped it, killing it instantly.

Everyone here is having a hard time killing the slimes with swords, arrows, hammers and such. Even if you hit them you need to hit their concentrated gel core which stores all their mana.

But even if you smash them to the ground the gel core can divide themselves to the size of the other slime particles.

I then descended to the 3rd floor, in here are the elites of the dungeon, slime warriors. They are called that because of the spiky body they have, then among them are slime magic archers.

The 3rd floor isn touched yet, considering there are 300 of them, 100 magic archers and 200 warriors, i took a deep breathe and shouted ”hey Im over here!!! ” then they formed lines,

The magic archers conjured arrows while being guarded by a warrior while the other warriors try to surround me to minimise my movements.

The archers released, all of them were heading towards me, but the moment they touched me they were immediately redirected back to them, the warriors blocked it, around 20 of them sacrificed their lives.

Then other warriors are replacing their place, this will be an easy win.

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