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“Brother Xiao, you are too kind, you are too kind.” Lin Wanrong laughed coldly, “As brother Xiang said, I indeed am not a scholar.” Seeing Xiao Qingxuan’s eyes revealed an embarrassed look, seemingly wanted to say something, he beckoned his hand to mercilessly interrupt him.

Xiao Qingxuan had to gently lower his lips and showed him a faint smile, revealing her neatly compiled white teeth.
That charming appearance made Lin Wanrong’s heart jerked once again, and he hurriedly turned his head away from him.

This dead tranny is actually trying to entice me, Lin Wanrong was very annoyed, but he did not have any choice.

After adjusting his mood from slight nausea, Lin Wanrong no longer saw the dead tranny’s face and continued: “Although I am not a scholar, I did not approve their complacent attitude.
But I understand why they are like that.
Because the main issue is not upon them.”

“Not upon them?” Xiao Qingxuan, this tranny Gongzi wrinkled his delicate eyebrows as he said: “I do not know what this remark from brother Lin means.”

Lin Wanrong slowly said: “Very simple, what we see now is the reflection of the people’s livelihood in a country.
And the people’s livelihood, is the barometer of the country’s national governance, oh, do you know about this barometer thing?”

Xiao Qingxuan revealed a barely-able-to-understand-the-meaning look, and Lin Wanrong was also too lazy to explain to him.
He then said: “You see the situation now, how the scholar-officials and the talented women weave and shuttle on this Xuanwu lake? This is the outcome of this country’s guidance of public opinion.”

Lin Wanrong still could not adapt to this strange place, and therefore, directly referred to it as “this country.”

“The guidance of public opinion?” Xiao Qingxuan apparently encountered an obstacle term, charmingly frowned.
That cute and charming appearance made Lin Wanrong think of ‘the woman’s lovely look, despite the pangs of illness’ (originally: Xishi clasp at her heart) allusion.

How could I think of such a disgusting analogy? Lin Wanrong quickly shook his head to expel this fearful idea from the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Qingxuan glanced at him, and shyly said: “Mr.
Lin, can you explain to me what is the ‘guidance of public opinion?’”

This kid has a strong sense of learning.
He actually called me Mr.
Lin Wanrong. But when he remembered the other meaning of Mr.
(TL: can also mean husband) a layer of goosebump appeared on all over his body, Being called Mr.
by this tranny, I might as well ask God to castrate me.

“Brother Xiao, please do not call me Mr.
again, okay? Honestly, toward this title, I am somewhat, somewhat allergic.” Lin Wanrong could not help but knit his brows.

Xiao Qingxuan was stunned for a moment, and then said: “Very well, Mr.

Lin Wanrong was helpless and rolled his eyes, This dead tranny, really cannot change his nature.

Xiao Qingxuan apparently also realized his mistake, his white as Jade face turned red as he hurriedly smiled sheepishly at him.

Lin Wanrong was too lazy to haggle with him over that.
After coming to this place, this was the first time he talked so many words with another person.
This past month almost suffocated him.
In any case, he also got plenty of time, moreover, in this place, wanting to find someone to listen to his nagging about these things was really difficult.

“The so-called ‘guidance of public opinion’ is the propaganda.
As long as the propaganda direction is controlled well, to create any kind of public opinion is no trouble at all.
You let these scholar-officials put on a show of peace and prosperity, and there will be peace and prosperity; you make them fervently attend the country’s difficulty, then all will attend the country’s difficulty; All lies in the flexible application means.” Lin Wanrong lightly said.

This Xiao Qingxuan was really a smart person; She immediately understood what he meant, and said with a great sense of excitement: “Mr.
Lin, you mean, we exercise control over the world–” His words was cut in mid-sentence, and stopped.
Apparently, she has already understood.

This kid is actually talented.
Moreover, he can understand the entire concept just by listening to some of the explanation.

Lin Wanrong smiled coldly and said: “Whether it is to show the peace and prosperity or facing the country’s problem, it all depends on the level of those in power.
At the present, although the country is currently facing a difficult problem, these officials are actually still putting on a show of peace and prosperity; This, one must say, is the fault of those in power.”

Although Lin Wanrong, by accident, came here for a month, he did not belong here, so he never thought about the Empire, and even if he met with the Emperor he would not kowtow to him; Unavoidably he would be somewhat arrogant, and therefore cannot be bothered to control his speech.

In fact, only a fearless commoner like him can speak these words, while the other people, even if they have this idea, they would never directly speak out.

This kid tranny surnamed Xiao was obviously a loyal royalist, hearing Lin Wanrong’s sneering words, his complexion suddenly became ugly, and coldly said: “Mr.–Brother Lin, I think the reality is not really like what you think.
The current Emperor is in the prime of his life, and he strives for good governance.
This time, the heavy invasion from the northern enemy, although it is a challenge to my fast Hua Empire, it also doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity.
According to my knowledge, the current Emperor has lofty aspirations and high ideals; He governs in the Capital – keeping the officials in order, saving the strength, making a determined effort to oppose the enemy without a fight – a meritorious military service to raise the spirit of my vast Hua.”

This kid actually knows about looking for an opportunity in the middle of the crisis; He has a unique vision.
Although his speech is quite pompous, this ‘Emperor is in the prime of his life and so on,’ is nothing more than purely to deceive a child.

Although Lin Wanrong was here for about a month, he also learned that the current Emperor was over sixty years old, but due to his absurdly excessive behavior when he was still a youth, until now he still lacked a son, and only have two Princesses. What ‘prime of his life,’ perhaps his ‘old little kid’ can’t even get up anymore.

As for whether he strove for good governance, it is not up to the Emperor to decide; the best prove was in the people’s livelihood.
This romance in Jinling is such a clear cut contrast with the alarm in the North; Therefore, these ‘making determined effort’ three words, perhaps is also under the supervision of the old man Emperor’s imperial court.

From the look of Xiao Gongzi, which showed an absolute confidence toward the Emperor, Lin Wanrong was too lazy to argue with him.
He sneered a groan: “Since the ancient times, merits and demerits can only be left for the later generations to evaluate.
Little Xiao, since you have the extraordinary confidence in the Emperor, then I hope your feeling is correct, that he wishes for the benefit of the common people.”

That tranny Gongzi apparently never heard someone else called him ‘Little Xiao.’ His face reddened for a moment, and then he fiercely stared at a glance toward Lin Wanrong.

Lin Wanrong’s face was as thick as the City Wall, so naturally did not bother with his supercilious look.
But that good looking male servant’s face was flushed, clenching his small fists like he was going to pick a fight with him.

“Listen to brother Lin’s words, it seems like you do not have very much confidence toward the current Emperor?” Xiao Gongzi’s complexion became increasingly ugly as he looked at Lin Wanrong and said the sentence word by word.
He was enraged, seemingly exuding a suppressing aura, the kind of grandeur which cannot be possessed by the common people.

Unfortunately, Lin Wanrong was immune to this sort of ruler grandeur nonsense.
In Lin Wanrong’s heart, he was like a vindictive next-door kid.
The touch of redness that float on his face actually made him look more handsome.

If this father is fond of men, I will keep him for myself. This idea suddenly rose in his heart, which immediately made Lin Wanrong shocked, This his mother’s tranny actually almost made me change my sexual orientation.

“Confidence?” Lin Wanrong looked at him and smiled: “Little Xiao, do not put such a high hope on the Emperor’s old body, people can only rely on themselves.”

“You—” Hearing Lin Wanrong without a trace of respect calling the Emperor – Emperor’s old body, that Xiao Gongzi’s face flushed.
He pointed at Lin Wanrong and said: “You actually dare to say such outrageous words?”

His anger even made his ears flushed.
On his sparkling like a jade earlobes, two faintly visible fine dots clearly appeared.

“So you are a girl.” Lin Wanrong blurted out.

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