case we should speed things up. Let them get married three days from us. It only gonna be between us so no one will know. ” Mr. Berlusconi suggested.

Father nodded as if its nothing to be worried about. Why!! The boys smiled triumphantly. Oh gosh, why?

”Its settled then. I will call for the maids to pack and bring their clothes and you can leave late at night when the house is dead. I will investigate my side but that doesn mean you shouldn investigate your side too, Riccardo ” Father said sternly.

Don Riccardo nodded.

”Father, Nanna, a moment with you after this dinner ” Adrianna coldly suggested. Our parents nodded and I sighed. Soon the food came.

” Oh, I forgot! My grandmother likes to have a four-course meal for dinner. If you can handle it. If you can its okay Carlo said with a smirk and I blinked at him. What a low-key insult! Nannas eyes narrowed at him.

The starters came and it was Tuscan Mussels and shrimp. It was delicious. I mean Italian dishes are of course delicious. I caught Lorenzo glancing at me from time to time. When I felt his eyes on me I stared back at him and he smirked at me. This man had no shame. Its like he was planning my demise or something.

He looked as if he would hurl a knife my way.

I internally sighed as I thought of how life would be if we were married. Hell.

The first course came and soon the main course. Nanna and Mrs. Guilla were the only ones talking in the room while everyone ate in silence.

When the dessert was yet to arrive I thought I would explode. Though my family was wealthy we only bothered ourselves with 4 or 5-course meals when there were guests.

”There are all sorts of varieties of cakes so please request yours and get a share and don worry whatever you want will be brought. ” Mrs. Guilla said warmly. She seemed kind out of the men in her family.

”Well, I would like fruit cake but only a small portion, ” Dad suggested.

Nanna went for a chocolate cake, Adrianna went for a carrot cake and I went for the molten chocolate cake.

Lorenzo and Carlo both ordered coffee cakes and Don Riccardo and Mrs. Guilla both requested a red velvet cake.

”It might take a while but don worry ” Mrs. Guilla assured.

”So Adriana.. ” Carlo drawled out. I saw Adriana tense at the mention of her name from my peripheral vision. What was this fox up to? His voice was just as deep as Lorenzos. Only the way he talked he seemed approachable.

”What are your thoughts on the idea of moving into our house and getting married earlier than expected? Wait. Wait. What do you feel by the sudden move? ” He asked.

She scowled at him. It was evident that none of us girls were happy about the sudden move into a new house. Their house even.

Adrianna exhaled harshly and answered. ”Since Im too honest Ill answer truthfully, preferisco non stare nella stessa casa con le puttane, quindi no ” I snickered at her answer. Everyone whipped their heads to her and I caught Nanna pinching her. She winced a little.

[TRANS: ” I prefer not to be in the same house with whores, so no ”]

Father smirked and Don Riccardo had an amused expression on his face. Mrs. Guilla looked like she didn care.

Lorenzo and Carlos faces hardened at her answer. They stared hard at her and then tore their intense gaze from her, Lorenzo looked back at his phone which hed been staring at for a while now and Carlo turned to me. ”What about you? ” Carlo asked.

” I don know if you want a worse answer or you are just in the mood to be insulted. I mean who would live in a house with you two in it? ” I rolled my eyes.

”Girls ” Nanna hissed.

I feigned a look of innocence and just in time the cakes arrived. The room was filled with the sweet scents of the different varieties of cakes. I didn waste time and dug in. The way it melted in my mouth was heavenly.

When everyone was done father and nanna decided to leave as they didn want the others to be suspended, but then I reminded them of the talk we had to have.

”What you girls did back there was so uncalled for, I mean why? ” Nanna scolded. I rolled my eyes and ignored her. We were escorting them out of the house and decided to talk.

”Father, think of the decision you
e taking. I understand this is good for us but what about our opinion huh… I mean we are going to live with them forever? ”

Adrianna questioned. She had a point there.

”I know this is out of the blue but its for the best. Vladimir might come after you girls and this is the best. Its like killing a thousand birds with one stone. ” Father explained.

Which is impossible I yelled in my mind.

”Are we going to have to consummate erh..have sex and bear their children? ” I asked worriedly.

”Yes. And no need to rush you but do it fast ” Nanna said. I suspected she didn care as long as she got grandchildren. Women!

I sighed and Adrianna and I bade them farewell.

”Well, lets move to our new home. ” I sighed and we walked back into the Mansion, on our way inside I saw Lorenzo kissing one girl intensely not secretly but right at the entrance. So much for moving in to build a relationship.

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