his hands in his pants groaning. I quickly shut the door and screwed my eyes right.

I went to the fourth room and Adrianna was occupying it. She smiled at me and went to where I supposed was the bathroom.

I walked towards the last room and opened it. I smiled to myself as I looked at the room. Its what I want, plus its close to Addy. It was quite big and spacious and the design was grey. Too exhausted to think twice I stripped and was only left in my bra and panties. I jumped on the bed and sighed. Man. Was it soft? I welcomed sleep with open arms.


I stretched and turned only to have my head bumped into something hard. Without opening my eyes, I brought my hands up to feel this something. It felt like human skin, I sent my hand down to feel the dip, feels like abs. But abs? Just as I proceeded to go further down to inspect, going further down I felt hair, baby hair.

I continued down and when I decided to grip what this kind of thing beside me was and I instantly regretted it. A groan made me snap my eyes open. Oh no, oh no, how could I have been so naive?

”Your fingers are quite soft ”. A voice said. I froze in my spot. Shit.

I composed my features and grimaced.

”Uh- What are you doing here? ” I stuttered.

”This is my room. ” He states. His early morning voice was deep and rich, making me squirm.

”Wait- Really? ” I asked panicking.

”Yes really ” He mimicked. ”And that was my dick you gripped, ” He added. I grimaced and got off the bed in haste, forgetting that I was wearing a bra only and panties.

”I gotta go wash my hands, ” I mumbled.

He barked out laughing and instantly my knees went weak. Such cute laughter. He stopped and he scanned me from head to toe. It was then I remembered what I was in. I brought my hand to cover my breast and he barked out laughing.

I rolled my eyes and turned but then I met two doors which was the bathroom, I turned to him with a brow arched. He pointed towards the first door with a smirk. I walked towards the door but stopped when I heard him say

”Your tits are just Beautiful and ooh that ass, ” He said in a moaning tone.

”Pervert! ” I yelled and entered the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

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