y, wanting to ignore the pain radiating from his once more, he decided to watch the odd man while his body continued to strike against the dummy in front of him. I definitely have to admire his tenacity to still be at the training field even though many hours had passed.

Looking at the entire training field, Valyr could not help but notice that a great portion of the people that were here when he came had already left. In fact, the only person that was still here from when he came was the odd man with the spear. I wonder how long hes been at it? Wait… wasn he already here even before I occupied a training dummy? Has he even eaten yet?

Although Valyr could not help but feel a bit of worry towards the man, he returned his attention to the training dummy before him, deciding that he would ask the man if he ever saw him again. Well, everyones responsible for their own choices.

With that, he continued to strike against the training dummy, eventually having to support his striking arm with the free arm whenever he struck with the spear. Even though every fiber of muscle on his arms were screaming out in agony at this point, Valyr ignored it and gritted his teeth, getting the feeling that what he wanted was near.

And near, it indeed was.

After taking a one minute break to let the pain radiating from his arms gradually subside, Valyr took in a deep breath as he looked at the training dummy in front of him, now covered in multiple strike marks from the incessant number of strikes he had made. As he gripped on the spear with his dominant hand, he could not help but feel like this strike would be the one, getting into a battle-ready stance as he thrust the spear out once more.


As the spear moved through the air, Valyr instantly felt like everything had finally clicked, causing the spear to move with greater speed, giving off the feeling that it was like a serpent aiming to deal the final blow.


With far more force than any of the strikes he had landed before, the spear collided with the training dummy as a dull thud faintly resounded throughout the field. Soon after, a sound Valyr was waiting to hear for quite some time had finally resounded in his mind.


[You have gained a basic grasp of wielding the spear.]

[You have gained the passive skill Basic Spear Mastery.]

Seeing the notifications he had been waiting to see for quite some time, Valyr dropped the spear he was holding before clenching his fists in excitement, raising them both up in the air. Instantly feeling a shooting pain coming from both arms, he quickly put both arms down as he silently celebrated the first step he took towards his goals.

Taking in a few deep breaths to calm down from the excitement, Valyr went ahead and picked up the spear before affixing it to his back once more. Looking at the training dummy he had been hitting for the past few hours for one last time, he then left the training field, his steps having a slight spring to them.

While walking along the corridors, he took a look outside, noticing that there were still a couple hours before the sun had set. With that in mind, he stood in place as he pondered over something for a bit. Then, with a slight shake of his arms, he continued to walk.

However, instead of heading to the barracks dormitory to take a rest, which was what he was going to do at first, he instead made his way to the barracks entrance as an enticing thought echoed out in his mind.

”Since theres still time before the night patrol… ”

”How about I gain some actual experience? ”

”… ”

”Man, my arms are definitely going to be sore after all this. ”

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