Graverobber I can Steal Spells of the Dead

The weak do not dictate their destiny

The six thugs immediately took notice, spreading out and eyeing Lyro, the one with the tattoos still at the far back. ”What you want, boy—? ”

Lyro broke through the first three to get as close to the target as possible. But then two others caught him and punched him in the gut, pinning him to his knees.

[Vitality: (9/10)]

”Plan failed, ” Mezlok muttered, unimpressed. Did he really think a loud charge was Lyros plan?

”Who sent you? ” the tattooed gangster asked, glaring down at him. ”Here to kill me, ain you, boy? ”

Lyro looked up, getting a good look at the mans tattoos. Phase one of the plan was done. Now he had to act delirious. He knew hed pull it off. ”Run! ” he blurted loudly, widening his eyes to better sell it. ”They comin! Eat us all, they sure! ” He struggled against the arms holding him down. This is what a boy of fifteen would do in the situation he had to make them believe in.

”Whos comin? ” the gangster asked, the rest looking at one another with unsure eyes. Crows were swarming the sky not too far away. By now they knew. ”Whats comin? ” he asked instead.

Lyro quickened his breath to make sure they knew he was sprinting away from death. ”DAEMONS! ” He glanced over his shoulder in a nervous twitch. ”Monsters! Saw three Purple Vipers fightin em! They was bloody, all! Fore they ate me, I ran! Lemme go! And you run too! ” Would the fish take the bait?

”Run? ” one of the thugs said, looking at their tattooed one. ”A Purple Viper? ” The fish just did.

The gangster crossed his arms, scaly purple tattoos of vipers running down each ones length. ”Which way boy? ” Lyro wasn the only one acting here, as the daemon possessing the gangster continued to keep up its fake human mask.

Phase two was done. Now, for the final one. Divide and conquer. ”Fought, they did, but got backed up by them monsters… ” He caught his breath, licking his lips. ”Got forced away, now could be… ” He looked back and pointed at five different ways. ”Don know. I swear. Let go, I beg! Don wanna get ate! ” Now he had to wait and see just how far his old skills of reading humans like open books had blunted in the past five years.

The boss grabbed Lyro by the collar and pulled him back to his feet. ”You comin with me, ” he said, shooting a thin glare. ”And if this shits a lie, Ill eat ya before any of them monsters. ” No doubting that, he was possessed, after all.

Lyro gulped, nodding. Just as planned. With him and the boss alone, stabbing the daemon would be easy. This was expected, so perhaps his skills had not blunted—

”All you, with me, ” the gangster commanded. ”Alone we stand no chance against one of them monsters. Lets go. ” His lackeys nodded, following him with an old electric lamp, as Lyro also got dragged along.

Blunted more than I expected, Lyro confessed silently. Im too rusty. I **ed up…!

The plan had been to recognize the gang these thugs belonged to and use that to separate them while using the three corpses Mezlok had left behind as true basis for his lies. Just as Bronze Drills never missed a chance to riot near the border, and Jackhammers were keen on destroying the factories, the Vipers never ran. Lyro had succeeded in using this to move them away, but not divided, as hed intended. If the three left for crows they were about to run into were not under Purple Vipers—which Lyro was certain of—he had dug himself into a deeper hole.

No… Lyro thought in apprehension as dim torchlight fell upon the crows, startling them away from the corpses they were feasting upon. Collect yourself, Lyro. Theres always a way out. Besides, you still have your hex and crystal…

They all stopped, looking about for movement. ”Check on the bodies, ” the boss told one. ”Well look out for daemons. ” Even possessed, the gangsters authority did not seem like an act.

”Daemons are good puppeteers, ” Mezlok commented lazily.

Glad you
e still here, Lyro said to the daevil inside his mind.

”You promised something interesting, ” Mezlok said tiredly. ”I have seen enough mortal kids getting killed by grown men. I will not be satisfied by it even if this time the kid just happens to be the one I am fatelinked with. ”

Thanks for lifting my spirit, Mezlok.

”Just doing my part. ”

The thug returned with his flickering torch. ”So? ” his boss asked. The thug eyed Lyro. ”Kid lied. Not only that, them three was under Red Vipers. ” The boss pulled on Lyros hair, leaning his head closer. ”Tryna set us up, huh? ” He took out a knife. ”You member what I told ya, kid? I meant it. This ain no butchers knife, but Ill still carve yer heart out after I feed ya that lying tongue of yours. ” He reached inside Lyros mouth, pinching his tongue as he pulled it out and moved his knife closer. ”The last thing youll ever speak is the name of the bitch who sent you! Tell me! ”

Lyro grabbed the gangsters right arm with his left hand, trying to push the knife away from his face. Now or never. His breaths became quick for real this time, as danger was clutching and surrounding him. Ill survive this. Im not poor and pathetic anymore. Im a daevilman! He tightened the grip of his left hand, calling for the blessing of his daevil.

[Left Hand: Soul Shackles (0/3)]

[Maena: (3/3)]

[Left Hand: Soul Shackles (1/3)]

[Maena: (0/3)]

Lyros eyes thinned to the purple radiance enveloping his left hand. The others stepped back in caution as the boss pulled his hand off and kicked Lyro away. From the ground, Lyro looked up and found the others gazing at him with wide eyes full of apprehension and uncertainty.

But then he finally looked at the actual effect of the hex he just used. A thick band, of what seemed to be glowing purple ice, was clutching the neck of the gangster, choking the air out of him, making him stagger away further. Two chain links of purple crystal hung from the front of the broad binding bond, dangling as the possessed man pulled at it, the others too stunned to offer any help.

Soul Shackles… Lyro thought, beholding the amazement, the power. So this is what it feels like…!


[Vitality: 41 (46 – 5)]

Lyros brows furrowed, suddenly worried, and extremely disappointed. Thats all? The hex was too weak. Even after the possessed mans true vitality dropping by five points, he still was too strong to stab.

”When your Power is suddenly suppressed, ” Mezlok commented, ”you get into a state of shock, its intensity depending on the level of suppression, and also the targeted Power. ”

Lyro got off the ground while the others were still unsure and confused. The shock is not enough! He turned to run, slipping, before getting up again. Hes not weak enough for me to take on!

”Targeting his durability might have helped you more, ” Mezlok said with a shrug. ”But since you didn choose which Power to target, your hex naturally went for his vitality. ”

Lyro gritted his teeth in frustration. I still have my eyes, he screamed in his mind. You shouldve waited till maggots crawled inside my empty sockets as I rotted away after theyd killed me.

”Would I also not be dead by then? ” Mezlok asked, confused. ”Dead daevils do not whisper, no more than dead men listen. ”

Lyro ran with his chin tucked. We
e about to find out, you stupid **— He was on the ground tasting dust and dirt before he knew it. ”Going somewhere? ” The voice was cold and cruel.

The gangster with the purple crystal bond around his neck got off Lyro, kicking him in the chest, knocking all the air out of his lungs. Not again…! Im back to where I started…! Im still just as stupid as back then…! Still pathetic…!

”Kids a maege? ”

”Whats goin on? ”

”The **s that around your neck, boss? ”

”I think he has buddies around. ”

”He actin tough. Kill em! ”

”This easily? ” The boss laughed. ”Nah. Ill make this boy suffer. Make em regret crossin me! ” He turned to the others with a grin. ”Who goes first? ”


One of them snorted. ”He can take that many hits, boss. ”

”Well be taking turns, ” the gangster said, looking down at Lyro with a devious grin, one eyes white going black. ”But not with fists and kicks. ” He laughed as the others took their time to understand what he meant.

FUCK! Lyro tried getting away, but was dragged back and pinned down.

”Ill go first, boss. ” The thug handed the lamp he was holding to the one beside him, stepping closer as he unbuttoned his pants. ”I like them fresh. ”

The boss shrugged. ”Go ahead. ”

Lyro felt hands gripping around his waist as he clenched his jaw. Not this! He flailed his kicks at the one trying to get on top of him on the ground, before the man punched him in the face and flipped him over. ”Youll like it, ” he said as he tugged on Lyros pants. ”Ill make ya! ”

[Vitality: (8/10)]

Give me your strength, Mezlok…! Lyro requested the daevil, tasting the blood in his mouth as his cheek burned from the punch.

”If only I could… ” the voice in his head replied casually. Mezlok wasn human. He couldn understand any of this.

Have to help myself…!

[Crystal: Strength Dew]

[Strength: 2]

[Strength: 4 (2 x 2)]

[Time limit: 2 minutes.]

Lyro had played his final card, yet nothing changed. He felt the same. Even with his strength doubled, it made no difference. Im so weak… Tears leaked out of his squeezed eyes as he felt his pants get pulled down—

”The criminal always returns to the crime scene, ” a smooth voice echoed.

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