e outside but smiling on the inside.jpg]


[It’s Xingguang: Brother, the emoticon package is not used like this…]


[HR: Really? I thought it was emphasising that I was sad.


[HR: I’m so stupid to the point where I don’t even know how to use emoticons; I feel so uncomfortable.


[HR: Panda head crying on the outside but smiling on the inside.jpg]


The other party didn’t dare to speak at all.


Tao Zhiyue stared at the funny panda head expression and couldn’t help but smile.


[Tao: You are amazing, really.


[Tao: You slayed in your ability to speak sarcasm.]


[Tao: (You are the unprecedented number 1 winner of sarcasm and green tea level)]


[HR: Just a little revenge ^-^]


[HR: Ah! I learned something new today.


[HR: Doctor Tao, thanks to you for helping me analyse his psychological behaviour today, you truly know a lot.


The more Tao Zhiyue thought about it, the more he felt that he didn’t want Big Brother HR to misunderstand him any further, so he took the chance to explain a few things.


[Tao: There are all kinds of people on the Internet.
Netizens often like to hang out and say such sarcastic things.
Either ways, I have seen a lot of them, so I am familiar with them.


[HR: So it is.


[HR: Doctor Tao, do you think I should surf the Internet more and learn about what is popular among young people? ]


Tao Zhiyue immediately remembered the words in the previous chat records, “You know what other people say about me, right? They say I’m old-fashioned and boring.”


It seems that Big Brother HR is quite troubled by this.
As a middle-aged man, he was still willing to get in touch with new things in order to communicate with the youth.
Tao Zhiyue thought that he was very courageous.

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