s business.
Therefore, he gave up exploring this unfamiliar field that had a heavy load of information.


Which was why at the reception a month ago, when Xia Xingxi, who was wearing a tuxedo and had the appearance of a proud peacock, bumped into him with a wine glass, Huo Ran had no idea that this was a celebrity.
With his chest decorated in a shade of maroon, he merely thought that the man was a clumsy waiter, so he just gently expressed that it was okay.


Huo Ran had lowered his head to wipe the red wine stains on his chest and missed Xia Xingxi’s flashing eyes entirely.
As a result, he was forced to start a nightmare that lasted for more than half a month.


In fact, Xia Xingxi knew who he was.
Involved in a small circle where one’s body could be used to trade for information, photos of the high-level lists of several major entertainment companies and their respective parent companies were widely circulated.
Huo Ran, the future heir of the Huo family, was listed at the top of the list— if he could become Huo Ran’s sidekick, that could be considered a ‘business’ with a billion percent profits.


Huo Ran didn’t know about these twists and turns, but after Doctor Tao’s reminder, he didn’t feel that Xia Xingxi really liked him.
Naturally, he didn’t see the need to tolerate him any longer.


Originally, Huo Ran had already forgotten about Xia Xingxi, but now that he accidentally saw his green tea speech, Huo Ran was inevitably a little angry, immediately blocking him from PP.


However, in front of his shrewd and perceptive younger sister, too many words will lead to mistakes, so Huo Ran intended to fool her.


[HR: I don’t know him, but his words are very tea-filled.


[HR: Kitten giggles.jpg]


[Your father: Who did you save this emoticon from? ]


[Your father: I have sent you so many of them before, and yet, you used not a single one!!! ]


[HR: Oh, your emoticons were too ugly and they weren’t cute at all.


[HR: Mine is so cute.


[HR: Puppet Bear Dancing.gif]

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