g at the computer for the past two days.
Huo Ran glanced at the densely packed new comments that were flooding in and was about to close the webpage when he suddenly froze.


[Comment] Tao: A skylight can be opened on the roof; it will look better.


Huo Ran wanted to reply to the comment, but after a pause, he opened the chat window directly.


[HR: Doctor Tao, do you also play Animal Island?]


[HR: Oh, so the roof can be changed.]


[Tao: I played a lot before, but I didn’t expect it to be so popular now.


Immediately afterwards, Doctor Tao sent a few pictures.


Huo Ran opened it and found that it was also a screenshot of an animal island hut, which was very similar to the style he had painstakingly decorated.
However, there was a big skylight on the roof.
Filled with the sight of stars at night, against the dark grey and rough hut, there was a sudden vibe of rustic romance.


[HR: Looks good!]


[HR: Doctor Tao is amazing.]


[Tao: I didn’t have much to do back then, so I tried a number of different styles.
If you want any of them as a point of reference, I’d be happy to provide them.]


[Tao: Little Bear Spinning Around.gif]


Huo Ran, who was immersed in the halo of being a master architect, looked at the pictures sent by Doctor Tao and felt ashamed.
He carefully studied the layout of the cabin and wanted to learn its ways and absorb the knowledge.


Then, he saw the half round brown figure that was reflected in the mirror.
The spikes on the animal’s body glowed with silvery white light.


It turned out that Doctor Tao was a hedgehog.


Looking at the message sent by Doctor Tao again, Huo Ran belatedly thought that the trace of loneliness he noticed yesterday was probably not an illusion.


After being dazed for a while, Huo Ran sent a somewhat presumptuous message abruptly.


[HR: Is Doctor Tao always alone?]


Doctor Tao did not deny it and the tone of his reply was even very relaxed.


[Tao: Has my social fear attribute been discovered so quickly? 0.0]


With an inexplicable impulse in his heart, Huo Ran continued to ask.


[HR: Is it because you feel that you have nothing to talk about with the people you know, so you can’t become friends? ]


This time, there was a long interval before Doctor Tao sent a message.


[Tao: No.]


[Tao: I just… have no sense of reality.]

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