Rationally, he knew that Su Bei was fine.
But just now, he was so overwhelmed by worry that he lost control of himself.

Su Bei smiled happily and said, “I’m fine.
The car just had a small scratch.
The car dealership you’ve recommended is commendable.
I really had a good buy.
The other car was severely damaged, but my car was unscathed.
Come, check it out!”

Su Bei grabbed Lu Heting’s hand and pulled him towards her car.

“Look at the interior, style, color, and configuration.
They are all that I have been wanting.”

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Lu Heting’s lips curved into a smile.
Of course, he made sure that the car had everything she wanted.
When he heard her talk about the features of the car she wanted, he kept all the details in his mind.

With a bright smile, Su Bei introduced everything in the car to him.

Although he was more familiar with this car than her, he found it more enjoyable to listen to her.

“How about we pick up Gun Gun and go for a ride together?” Su Bei suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Lu Heting was in a better mood than her now.

Su Bei got out of her car and excitedly went upstairs to pick Gun Gun up.

Following behind her, Lu Heting asked, “Who hit your car today?”

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“Xu Meiqi, Su Huixian’s cousin.
I have all the reasons to believe that she did it intentionally.
They used to do some tricks on me before, but I just didn’t mind them.
After all, I couldn’t show any evidence, so I just chose to forget it,” Su Bei said casually.
This time, the traffic police and the insurance company had confirmed that Xu Meiqi was responsible for the accident.

Lu Heting’s eyebrows wrinkled.

As soon as Su Bei entered the house, she hugged Gun Gun, kissed him, and took him to the room to change clothes.

Lu Heting took out his phone and dialed a number.
He asked the person on the other end of the line to investigate the car accident caused by Xu Meiqi again.

Since Su Bei had such an intuition, it only meant that it was not just a simple accident.

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