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“Okay.” Gun Gun whispered to himself, “Don’t cry.
Don’t cry.”

Su Bei kissed him on the face several times until he finally laughed.
If it was not inconvenient to work abroad, she really wanted to take him with her.

The next day, Gun Gun saw Su Bei off the house.
When she was out of his sight, he ran back to his room and threw himself on the bed, silently suffering the sadness of parting.

Lu Heting picked him up and whispered, “I’m going on a business trip too.”

“Okay.” Gun Gun didn’t care whether Lu Heting went away or not.
After all, Lu Heting often went on business trips.

But with Su Bei, it was a big deal for him that she went away.

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Lu Heting felt a pang in his heart.
Su Bei went on a business trip, but she didn’t feel sad leaving him.
Now that he was about to travel for business, Gun Gun didn’t feel sad that he was leaving.

“Boys don’t easily shed tears,” he said, looking at Gun Gun.

Gun Gun looked up at him and said in a childish voice, “You don’t know how hard it is to be separated from the girl you like.”

Of course, Lu Heting knew how it felt.
In fact, he knew it better than Gun Gun.

He said in a low voice, “A poet said that there is nothing more charming on the neck of a young man than the brilliant jewel of professionalism.
Don’t you want to see Bei Bei more charming?”

Finally, Gun Gun nodded.

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After entrusting Gun Gun to Aunt Chen, Lu Heting drove straight to the airport.

Soon, Su Bei and Lv Shan also arrived at the airport.

They didn’t expect to run into Su Huixian, Du Luo, and Qiu Minxuan there.

Walking hand in hand, Su Huixian and Du Luo looked so intimate, whispering to each other and laughing.
They wore lovers’ baseball caps.

When they saw Su Bei, they all stopped in their tracks, slightly surprised.

Qiu Minxuan took a few steps forward and said with a smile, “Su Bei, are you going to the United States too? Let me guess.
You’re going to audition for Jin Xiu brand ambassador, right? Well, I’m so sorry to tell you, but they have already chosen Huixian.”

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