Su Bei believed that Fan Yinfang was capable of doing it.
If she gave Su Huixian a chance for Du Luo, she could also cut off Su Bei’s chance for him.

If this was in the past, Su Bei wouldn’t bother to explain to Fan Yinfang and would just leave.

She was not willing to trade love for a job opportunity.

But now was different.
She needed to raise money for Da Bao.
Her time was running short.
If she couldn’t make enough money for him, she was worried that he wouldn’t live a good life in the future.

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And she also had responsibility for Gun Gun now.

After thinking for a while, she said, “I’m already married, so it’s impossible for me to go after Du Luo anymore.
If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Before Fan Yinfang could say anything, Lu Heting walked straight to Su Bei from a distance.
It was as if he was there to prove Su Bei’s words.

Su Bei was a little surprised.
But then, she realized that it must be Lv Shan who told him she was here.
That was why he came.

She stood up, reached out her hand, and pulled Lu Heting to sit beside her.
“Manager Fan, this is my husband, Lu Heting.
Heting, this is Manager Fan.
She is my ex-boyfriend’s cousin.
We are old friends, so she’s just asking about my love life.”

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This was her second time to introduce him to others as her husband.

This simple title carried a lot of weight in his heart, and he got deeply addicted to it.

Fan Yinfang’s gaze fell on Lu Heting.
She tried to pry some secrets from his handsome face, but she failed.

“Manager Fan,” Lu Heting greeted with a nod.

He heard Su Bei’s words just now, so he understood that Fan Yinfang was trying to make things difficult for her.

It seemed that Fan Yinfang still cared about Su Bei’s love life.
Was she thinking that Su Bei came here for Du Luo?

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