satisfied that Su Bei had stood up for him.

“Let’s get some pancakes rolled with crisp fritter over there.
They are not authentic because the locals who have learned making them in S Country are the ones making them.
But they’re more delicious than French food.”

Su Bei strode towards the pancake shop beside the street, bought two, and gave one to Lu Heting.

That moment she pulled her hand away, Lu Heting immediately felt that something was missing.

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Soon, Lv Shan joined them.
And when she saw that Su Bei was eating a pancake, she got angry.
She frowned and said, “Su Bei, are you here to make money or what? You’ve wasted the chance to dine with Fan Yinfang, and here you are, eating a pancake along the street.”

She also wanted to scold Lu Heting.
But when she made eye contact with him, she lost the courage to do so.
It was like his vibe scared her so much that she didn’t dare to mess with him.

“I have some problems with Fan Yinfang.
If she really wants to fire me, she will not change her mind even if I try everything to please her and sacrifice my pride.” Su Bei had made up her mind.

She could bear any insult, but she couldn’t tolerate Lu Heting being humiliated because of her.

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Su Bei had tried very hard not to turn the table upside down in the restaurant.
She was able to control her emotions and even said goodbye to Fan Yinfang politely.

“Okay, never mind.” Lv Shan decided to stop the topic after hearing Su Bei’s words.
And also, she felt like Lu Heting’s momentum was suffocating her.
So she said, “Let’s just let nature take its course.”

“If I really lose this job, help me get more work when we get back,” Su Bei said.

She said this not only because she needed to save money, but she also didn’t want Lv Shan’s work to be in vain.

Lv Shan looked at her and said, “Okay.”

She and Su Bei worked together for their own interests.
And now that Su Bei was thinking about her welfare, she had no reason to refuse.

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