e suddenly felt refreshed, so he said, “Okay, change to another set of clothes, and we’ll shoot again!”

Su Huixian saw Baizen’s satisfaction with Su Bei.
It was only then that she noticed that the background was colorful.
So when she changed her clothes, she deliberately chose the light-colored ones.

This time, Su Bei chose a light yellow jacket and a bright yellow dress.

“Everyone knows that yellow is the most difficult color to control.
Why does Su Bei still choose such a color?” People around, including Su Huixian, were worried about her.

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This time, Su Huixian performed much better than earlier after changing into light-colored clothes.

Baizen got more and more satisfied.
The situation was much better than he had expected.

With those colorful flowers in the background, Su Bei might look less charming in bright yellow clothes.
However, when the background was only the blue sky, the combination of bright yellow and blue was superb.

Su Bei knew that during shootings, Baizen paid attention the most to color matching.
She did a lot of research about it last night.
So as expected, she could see the appreciation in his eyes every time she changed her clothes today.

This time, not only Baizen but also the staff who were standing aside realized how wonderful Su Bei was.
She didn’t only match the colors perfectly, but she also adjusted all her expressions according to the color and style of her clothes.

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Dressed in elegant clothes, she looked gentle and serene.
When she wore bright-colored clothes, her eyes were filled with joy.
And those gorgeous clothes made her look so dignified.

Soon, the shoot of all the clothes in the two categories was done.

At this moment, the staff who had some doubts about Su Bei’s ability before were completely impressed by her.

“Indeed, Director Baizen has a good eye.”

“The model chosen from the audition is really good.”

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