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Lu Heting’s words reminded her that her professional life was built on her own efforts.

She had worked so hard in a foreign country until today.

But this time, she had gone too far step by step since she had agreed on Su Huixian in advance.

But then she smiled and said, “I can make decisions on Asian business.
I don’t like Su Bei at all.
If I change her, many people can replace her.
I can verify it now.”

She had followed the rules all these years, but if she couldn’t even control a common staff like Su Bei and a common driver, her position of power would be in name only.

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Perhaps she was facing people from S Country, so she lost her usual vigilance and deliberately wanted to use her power to seek private interests for herself.

And once the door of greed was opened, it could never be closed again.

“It turns out that Manager Fan thinks that we don’t need so much respect since we came from Asia.
You think you don’t even need to abide by the spirit of contract, right? Manager Fan, you’re also from S Country.
Why do you look down upon your fellow citizens?”

There was a sneer in Lu Heting’s voice.

This made Fan Yingfang even more embarrassed.
She needed to be careful in front of noble people, but she didn’t need to be discreet in front of Lu Heting.

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She suddenly stood up, and walked out of the office and walked towards the filming site.

After she talked with Baizen for a while, she called several beautiful female models from S Country to replace Su Bei.

As soon as Su Bei finished the dance, her face was covered with a thin layer of sweat.
Before she could react, her position was replaced.
The other model put on Jin Xiu’s clothes and appeared at the position where she had stood just now.

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