ttention back to the contract just now.
“Fan Yingfang has total control of the business in Asia.
So even if she fires me for no reason, we can’t fight against her.
If we file a lawsuit and ask her to compensate, I’m afraid that we may not be able to win in the case even if we stay here for half a year.”

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It had to be said that Fan Yingfang also thought this way.
A small-time model like Su Bei and a mere driver like Lu Heting were not enough to shake or affect her position.

She knew this, so she thought she had more control over the situation.

Directly send a copy of the contract and the lawyer’s letter to the legal department of their company and let them deal with it by themselves.
We will stay out of this.
I believe that Jin Xiu won’t ignore any employees who abuse their power.” Lu Heting didn’t even need to act against Fan Yingfang by himself.

He asked Lv Shan to come over and handed her the copy of the contract and the printed lawyer’s letter.
“Send these directly to the legal department of Jin Xiu.
Also, go and see what Director Baizen has said about this.”

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His tone was calm and authoritative.
It was as if he was a boss giving orders to his subordinates.

Lv Shan didn’t refute at all.
She took the documents and said, “Okay.”

She only came to her senses when she walked out of the room.
She realized that as a professional agent, she was ordered by Lu Heting, who was an outsider.

Just now, he spoke so naturally that she didn’t even notice that something seemed wrong.

After sending the documents to Jin Xiu, Lv Shan came back and told Lu Heting and Su Bei, “Director Baizen is very dissatisfied with Su Bei’s replacement.
He has been suppressing his dissatisfaction to the extreme.
So he has used his own means to report the situation to the senior executives of Jin Xiu.”

“The lawyer’s letter from us and Baizen’s objection will work together to alert them.
Su Bei and I will hang out in the city these two days.
Lv Shan, let us know if anything happens.”

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