couldn’t effectively show the style and profound connotation.

Especially in the dancing part.
Their modern dance was good.
But when they did the classical dance and the combination of classical and modern dances, their performance was considerably inferior to Su Bei’s.

At the shooting location, Baizen kept shouting, “Cut!” The models repeated their performance over and over again.
They felt that it was too embarrassing.

The senior executives were very much disappointed when they saw the scene.

Baizen took the opportunity to show the video of Su Bei’s dance performance to the senior executives.
After watching it, they immediately made a decision.
“Ask Su Bei to come back!”

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On the day that Su Bei and Lv Shan reappeared at the shooting location, Fan Yingfang had driven to the hotel to personally pick them up.

The pressure from the senior executives and the scenes she saw on the shooting site these two days made her feel uncomfortable.

Actually, even if the senior executives didn’t put pressure on her, she still couldn’t withstand the pressure from all of the staff.
During the shooting, they kept on shaking their heads and sighing.
So she had to ask Su Bei to come back.

She had thought that the brand ambassador’s job was so easy that any models could do it.
That was why she replaced Su Bei without thinking twice.

But she didn’t expect that everything would go wrong after she changed a brand ambassador.

“Su Bei,” Fan Yingfang greeted Su Bei with a bitter smile on her face.

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Su Bei smiled.
“Manager Fan, I will finish my work well.
I hope you can also do the same,” she said before getting into her car.

“Of course!” Fan Yingfang responded.

She sent Su Bei to the shooting site and walked in with her personally.

In the next few days, everything went on smoothly.
Su Bei successfully finished filming the commercial video.

Su Bei and Lv Shan still boarded Lu Heting’s chartered plane to go back home.

But before boarding, Lv Shan came to Su Bei and said, “Fan Yingfang has resigned from Jin Xiu.”

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