ut of their house and never came back.
He heard that Lu Heting went on a business trip in the United States recently.
Was it because Lu Heting had difficulties handling the matters there that he lost his temper?

But it was impossible.
The feedback from the United States was very positive.
It was said that the profit was also very good.
How could this make Lu Heting so angry?

Weijian, you have to think of a way.”

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“Yes, Mr.
Please help us.”

Lu Weijian thought for a while.
Then he remembered Gun Gun.
He believed that only the little boy could help them in such a situation.

Gun Gun was usually like a small fire extinguisher in situations like this.
Regardless of his size, he was quite powerful.

So Lu Weijian immediately called Gun Gun.
And now, the entire company was counting on Gun Gun to solve the problem.

“Gun Gun!” As soon as his call was answered, Lu Weijian said in a broken voice, “Come and help me see what’s wrong with your father.
He is on the verge of exploding, and the entire company is on the breaking point.”

Gun Gun was kneading the dough with Su Bei.
She said that she wanted to make delicious cupcakes for him, so he said casually, “Don’t disturb me.
I’m making desserts with my little cutie.
I don’t care about anything else.”

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He cherished the time he spent with Su Bei, so he wanted to make the most of it.
After all, he wasn’t able to eat and sleep well when she was away.
He even lost a lot of weight.

“Little cutie?” It was only then that Lu Weijian realized that Gun Gun was referring to Su Bei.

Didn’t Lu Heting move out of their villa to live with Su Bei?

Could it be that Lu Heting had a fight with her, so he was in a bad mood?

It made sense! It made perfect sense!

After all, it had been a long time since Lu Heting had lost his temper like this.

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