ntertainment industry.
Even those famous actors and actresses couldn’t help but want to be on their cover.
So she had a broad power.

Therefore, even though Su Huixian’s popularity was now soaring, and the other supermodels had also risen to fame in S Country after the Orisa Fashion Show, none of them got the chance to be on the cover alone.
All of their shots were taken as a group.

Wei Lan’s arrival naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

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Especially Su Huixian, who was in high spirits.
She was actually the first to greet Wei Lan.

Wei Lan, who was in her thirties, looked very mature and decent.
She smiled and said, “Hello everyone.
I’m here today to announce something.

As you all know, this year is Feng Shang’s 20th anniversary.
So we especially want to invite you to shoot a compilation of videos to express our gratitude to our readers.

For this event, I am giving permission to the six of you to invite someone in the industry to be your partner in the videos.

Regardless of who you will invite, we will sign the contract and pay them accordingly.
And we will give the videos the maximum publicity.”

Everyone got very excited when they heard what Wei Lan said.

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Feng Shang was so famous that it was difficult to be featured in its magazine.
Almost every star wanted to appear even only in its inside pages, let alone on the cover.

To be on the magazine meant that one had gained recognition in the fashion industry.

This time, Wei Lan had even asked them to invite a partner in their videos.
This would undoubtedly give the six of them the most authority and prestige.

Of course, although Wei Lan said that they could invite anyone, no one would invite a partner casually.
They would definitely choose the most suitable one.
The one who was also popular and would complement them.

Everyone was thinking about who was the most suitable person to invite.

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