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After thinking for a while, she thought the style of the bracelet indeed didn’t suit him.

Besides, he couldn’t possibly afford such an expensive bracelet that worth millions of yuan.
And an ordinary man like him couldn’t recognize this kind of shell.

So it made sense if he got them while he was diving.

Su Bei looked at the bracelet carefully.
Actually, she was very satisfied with it, and it really suited her well.

When Su Bei and Lu Heting returned home, they found that Gun Gun wasn’t there.

Lu Heting was a little surprised.

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“Where is Gun Gun?” Su Bei asked worriedly.
“Usually, he stays at home with Aunt Chen at this time of the day.” She looked confused.

“I asked Aunt Chen to take him to the amusement park.
I’ll pick him up after dinner.” Lu Heting slightly frowned, and a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Su Bei was really tired after shooting for a whole day, so she didn’t think much about it.

After dinner, she ran into the room and said, “Lu Heting, when Gun Gun comes back, let him take a shower and go to bed.
I’ll take a nap first.”

Looking at her back, Lu Heting picked up his phone and car keys.
Then he turned around and walked out of the house.

He drove directly to a villa and stopped at the gate.

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In a lighted room, he could see Gun Gun sitting in front of the window.
Sitting next to him was a young woman.
She was whispering something to him.

Lu Heting dialed a number.
When his call was answered, he said in a cold and deep voice, “Mom, bring Lu Gecheng out.”

A few moments later, Mrs.
Lu walked out of the villa with Gun Gun.

As soon as Gun Gun saw Lu Heting’s car, he ran towards it quickly.
“Bei Bei, my little cutie!”

“Gun Gun, be careful! Who is that little cutie? You’ve been mentioning her all day long,” Mrs.
Lu said gently.

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