diately agreed when Du Luo asked him to be Su Huixian’s partner for Feng Shang’s shooting.
Besides, Feng Shang was an upmarket fashion magazine.
It was a win-win situation for them.

Seeing that so many people liked him, Zhuang Wenhao was also in a good mood.
He adjusted his smile and greeted everyone.

He was so approachable that the people around screamed again.

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They whispered to each other, “No wonder he is the best actor.
He is super handsome.
When he smiles, I feel like I’m in heaven.”

“That’s right.
And don’t you think that Mr.
Zhuang and Su Huixian are perfect for each other?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.
Su Huixian already has a boyfriend.”

“If Feng Shang’s sales will become a blockbuster this time, it will definitely be because of Su Huixian.
Many people will buy the magazine because of Zhuang Wenhao.
Not to mention that Su Huixia has her own capability of increasing a product’s sales.”

Luo Li smiled and said, “Among all of us, only Su Huixian was able to invite a super A-list movie star like Mr.
She is just making us feel inadequate.”

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These models didn’t think of comparing themselves with Su Huixian.
They all showed enviable smiles and didn’t say much.

Su Huixian held her head high, enjoying the crowd’s worship.

Among the six supermodels, she was the only one who did not appear in Orisa Fashion Show.
It was actually not convincing that she joined the shoot of Feng Shang.

But now, she had become the most eligible one.

She was even able to invite Zhuang Wenhao, who was the best actor.
She wanted to see who else would dare to say something bad about her.

Su Huixian glanced at Su Bei, who was standing not far away.
Su Bei was still holding her phone, and there was no partner beside her.

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