owever, if she didn’t give this gift to anyone, it would be akin to offending Qiu Minxuan, who was supposed to be her agent for the next year.
It was not worth it.

While Su Bei was contemplating about how to deal with the gift, a familiar face swam into sight, and a glimmer of joy immediately flickered in her eyes.

The tall and strong man was wearing a well-tailored suit.
From his profile, she could see his sharp and enchanting facial features.
It was Lu Heting, the man who had married her in a hurry five years ago!

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She had never expected that she would run into him so easily by chance.

If she had known that he would be present at this party, she would not have chased after his car in the afternoon.

But how was he able to attend such a fancy party?

On second thought, though, Su Bei realized that it was common for drivers to attend such parties with their wealthy employers.
The Lu Group was one of the most famous and powerful groups in Jingdu City, so it was no surprise that Lu Weijian, the young master of the Lu family, had been invited to this party.

And if he was attending this party, then it was not strange for Lu Heting, his driver, to be at the party as well.

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Perhaps because of his identity, Lu Heting just stood in the corner alone, with a glass of wine in his hand.
He didn’t socialize with anyone, nor did anyone approach him to talk to him.

Su Bei borrowed a pen from a waiter and wrote her name and phone number on the gift box.
Then, she sashayed towards Lu Heting.

When she arrived, Lu Heting just sat down.

“Hello, Mr.
Lu.” Su Bei stood in front of Lu Heting.
A polite smile was plastered on her face.

Lu Heting raised his head to look at her.
Even though he was sitting down, he still looked confident and domineering.
Su Bei thought that his temperament must have become this way after working in the Lu Group for so many years.

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