and Lin Yu took advantage of this opportunity.
They escaped from the complicated crowd and entered the shooting location.

When Lin Yu’s agent found that the fans had lined up properly, he immediately said, “Right now, Lin Yu has important work to do.
Please leave first.
You don’t have to wait here.
Later, I will post his photos on Weibo.”

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Still holding Lin Yu’s hand, Su Bei finally felt relaxed when they were out of the fans’ sight.

“I was wondering why you were so late even if there was no traffic jam.
It turned out that the fans had blocked you outside.
What a tragedy!” She dragged him to the shooting location.

“I didn’t expect to see my fans here either.
My schedule for today is actually confidential.
I don’t know why my fans have still shown up here.
By the way, Xiao Bei, where is my crayfish, hotpot, and roast meat?” As he spoke, Lin Yu’s voice was clear, gentle, and pleasing to the ear.

His face was more delicate than a woman’s.
He had fair, clear skin that people couldn’t see even the slightest pores.
It was enough to make women feel ashamed.

It was hard to imagine that he was a man who often stayed up late, ate spicy food and hotpot, drank wine, and overate.

Su Bei stopped walking and said, “I will give you what you want after the shooting.”

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“That’s good.” Lin Yu looked satisfied.

Looking at his thin figure, Su Bei was a little jealous.
His skin was white, and he was always in good shape.
He often ate a lot, but he never gained weight.

God simply showered him all the favors.

No wonder his fans often called him “Beautiful Jade.” His figure and complexion were so good.

And every time she felt a little jealous of him, she would tease him and call him “stone.”

While the two of them were walking towards the shooting location, they found a strange silence around.

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