t it was a good chance for him to take better photos.

Su Huixian was beautiful, and Zhuang Wenhao was handsome.
But when the two of them posed in front of the camera for the photo shoot, their images looked really dull.

On the contrary, Su Bei and Lin Yu had very good chemistry.
They were like childhood sweethearts who grew up in the same neighborhood together.
It was easy for Kang Peng to capture images with a sense of story.

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“Su Bei, Lin Yu, how about we take a few sets of lively photos?” Kang Peng stepped forward to communicate with them.

“Okay,” Su Bei and Lin Yu agreed in unison.

Lin Yu’s fans were still there.
Although they didn’t disturb him anymore, they didn’t leave.
They wanted to watch until he finished his job.

When they found that his partner for the shoot was Su Bei, a new model, they were a little dissatisfied.

“Can Su Bei do it? Her partner is Lin Yu.
He has always been working with big shots.”

“If it’s Su Huixian, I can rest assured.
At least she has been famous for a long time.”

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“Or even if his partner is Luo Li, I think I’m okay with it.
I really don’t think that Su Bei is good enough for him.”

Everyone felt that Su Bei was too inexperienced.

Besides, when she was not working, she always kept a low profile.
So her aura was often overwhelmed by others.
She was very beautiful.
But it seemed that she didn’t have an outstanding character.
That was why everyone’s worries were not superfluous.

Soon enough, Su Bei and Lin Yu changed their clothes.

With their figures, they looked excellent no matter what clothing they put on.

Lin Yu had stopped walking on the stage for a long time.
But he was still able to keep his figure.

Su Bei glanced at him.
It was really unfair.
How could a person who ate and drank too much every day have such a slim waist and long legs?

He even had the perfect V-shape body.

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