ch time left to live.
It was the best ending for her to be forgotten.

‘Back then, he must have been forced to get married by his family for some reason.
That was why when he met me, he decided to just get a marriage certificate with me.
No wonder he couldn’t remember me now! But in that case, would he accept Da Bao, whose existence is even more unexpected?’ she thought.

Su Bei sighed softly.
“I’m really sorry for what happened back then.”

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“Miss Su, not only is your apology cheap and useless, but it’s also late by several years.” Lu Heting’s eyes flashed with a hint of anger.

Over the past five years, his cold heart had gradually frozen into ice.
He was extremely displeased about her reappearance without his permission.


“So you do remember me?” A tinge of hope re-entered Su Bei’s voice.

Lu Heting pursed his thin lips tightly and said nothing.
It seemed that whether he remembered her or not, he had no feelings for her, and had no intention of accepting her apology.

Su Bei really felt bad about the way things had turned out, but there was nothing she could do to change the past now.

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She handed over the gift in her hand and said, “Mr.
Lu, I know you have the right to refuse my apology, but I want to tell you that I’m sorry anyway.
This gift is a token of my apology.”


Even if Da Bao didn’t exist, she would still feel guilty for disappearing from this man’s life.

She held out the gift that Qiu Minxuan had given her.

It was not a good place to talk, so she begged, “Mr.
Lu, please give me your phone number.
I have something to tell you.”

However, Lu Heting just held his glass of wine with a cold expression on his face.
His thin lips were tightly pursed into a straight line, a clear indicator for anyone who approached him to stay away.
Da Bao would have the same expression on his face whenever he refused to do something.

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