, such amount was negligible to her.

But now, she was making a living and trying to save money.
And Lu Heting’s salary was not high enough.

She took out her own card and was about to stop him.
However, he had finished inputting his pin code, and the machine had started to print the receipt.

‘It seems that I’ve gone too far, ‘ she thought to herself.
Lu Heting had so many company uniforms to wear.
Su Bei had never seen any famous brand logos on his clothes, so she thought that they were all customized by his company.
But now, she made him waste so much money because of her own preferences.

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When she looked at his closet, she knew that he seldom bought clothes.
But she preached these clothes and asked him to buy them.
Perhaps he didn’t want to embarrass her, so he spent so much money in buying them.
She really made a mistake.

She glanced at him quietly.
It seemed that he didn’t care about it at all.
He even looked very calm.

‘Forget it.
I’ll just pay for the hotpot later, ‘ she thought inwardly.

Lu Heting picked up the pile of shopping bags.
He had already changed his suit and shirt into a simple white T-shirt and a pair of casual shorts, and it made him look taller and stronger.

“Sir, you really match up with your girlfriend.
It’s rare to see a couple like you who are so fit in shape and appearance.
You two are perfect for each other,” the cashier exclaimed with a smile.

“Thank you.” Lu Heting nodded politely.
The cashier’s compliments made him decide to come to this store more often.

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He walked out of the shop with Su Bei and went to the hotpot restaurant she had chosen.

Su Bei had just eaten hotpot and was still full.
So as soon as they sat at the table, she handed the menu to Lu Heting.

People around looked at them and started whispering to each other.
“He is so handsome.”

Look at those long legs!”

“They’re such a perfect match!”

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