However, she didn’t expect that she only took a picture of herself pushing Meng Meng, but didn’t take a picture of saving Meng Meng.

She didn’t dare to keep the pictures.
After deleting all the pictures from the camera, she took out the memory card and put it into her wallet.

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Although she deleted all the pictures from her own camera, she didn’t know if others had seen or photographed her pushing Meng Meng.

Did Su Bei see that? Did anyone else take the photos?

According to the on-site feedback, no one should have photographed it.
After all, no one looked abnormal until now, and no one said anything.

But Su Bei was a hidden trouble.

“Luo Li, do you want to have a rest or fix your makeup?” Kang Peng found that Luo Li looked terrible and she was not in a good state.

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“Oh, okay, okay.” Luo Li hurried to fix her makeup, but her heart beat fast.

An assistant photographer said, “Hey, look! I took a good photo!”

Everyone rushed forward to surround him.
Luo Li was about to suffocate.
Did he take a picture that she pushed Meng Meng? She regretted her stupidity—no good would come of it.

“Wow, it’s very good! Let’s upload this picture to publicize Su Bei!”

“It’s really good.
Su Bei is beautiful and kind-hearted.
She deserves promotions.”

It was not until Luo Li calmed herself down that she realized that they had taken the scene of the moment when Su Bei rescued Meng Meng.
At this moment, the scene was really expressive.
With one hand holding the drowning Meng Meng, Su Bei raised the girl out of the water.
Su Bei’s face was not beautiful in the picture, and even her face was a little distorted because of pushing and worry.

But the distortion also showed that she was seriously saving people and had never thought about her image at this moment.

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