Her calmness was so contagious that it also made Wei Lan calm down.
No matter what, Wei Lan had to find the culprit to get justice for her daughter.

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“Okay, I’ll ask Luo Li to come here.” Wei Lan made the decision promptly.

She had no intention of calling the police yet.
Although she subconsciously thought that Su Bei was still suspicious, she wanted to give Su Bei a chance for the sake of Lin Yu.

Of course, Su Bei was also aware of this.
She knew that Lin Yu had been a big help for her, and even Wei Lan’s tolerance was because of him.

‘Lin Stone really deserves two hotpots, ‘ she thought.

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Before Luo Li came in, she tried her best to calm down.
She couldn’t show panic on her face.

Concealing her guilt, she asked, “Editor-in-chief, how is Meng Meng now?”

“Luo Li, you were there when the accident happened.
What did you see?” Wei Lan cut to the chase.

“I… I didn’t see anything.
I was also shocked because it happened so suddenly.” Actually, Luo Li wanted to say that she saw it with her own eyes when Su Bei pushed Meng Meng to the swimming pool.
But if she said that, she would make too many lies.
She didn’t dare to continue making more mistakes because she was afraid that she couldn’t rationalize her dishonesty anymore.
So she simply chose to play dumb.

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She thought that her reaction now could increase suspicions on Su Bei.

Wei Lan said lightly, “Then give me the memory card of your camera.
Maybe it captured something, right?”

“I think my camera was not turned on at that time.
But I can give you the memory card.
Maybe you can find some clues.” Luo Li quickly took out the memory card from her wallet and handed it to Wei Lan decisively.

The more straightforward she behaved, the less suspicious she would be.

Anyway, she had deleted all the contents of the memory card and formatted it.
She even scratched it severely with the key just now.

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