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The video showed how she attacked the little girl and prepared to rescue her.
But all of a sudden, Su Bei came and decisively saved the little girl.
These two scenes formed a sharp contrast.

The netizens who had been deceived were very angry at Luo Li.
She used everyone’s kindness as a weapon to attack Su Bei.

On the contrary, Su Bei didn’t make a fuss about it.
Instead, she comforted everyone on Weibo, saying that she believed that everyone was kind and didn’t deliberately slander her.

At this moment, almost all of the netizens turned to Su Bei’s side.

“We’re very sorry.
All of us owe Su Bei an apology.”

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“We also have to thank Su Bei for saving the little girl, for her kindness, and for not blaming us.”

“Su Bei, you are so sweet and kind-hearted!”

“Oh my God! Su Bei is such a good artist.
I am now a fan of her.
And I swear that I will always be her fan for the rest of my life.”

“Su Bei, you are so awesome! I want to marry you.
Can you be my children’s mother?”

Su Bei casually checked the comments under the video.
It seemed that everyone had become her loyal fans at this moment.

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She knew that most of the netizens were not brainless followers.
They had their own judgment and sanity.
As long as the truth came out, they would make the right choice.

The night breeze blew gently and touched her skin, which made her shiver.
It was only then that she remembered that she hadn’t taken a shower and changed her clothes yet.

Su Bei was about to go to the bathroom when her phone rang.

When she looked at the screen and saw that the caller was Lu Heting, she quickly picked up the phone and answered it.

She heard a whistling sound from the other end of the line followed by his voice, “Su Bei, I’m coming to pick you up.
Don’t be afraid.
This matter will be resolved.
I’ll be there soon.”

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