eputation, all of the other candidates were no match for him.
No one had any objections to him being in the lead.

Everyone now paid attention to the second place because she would be the Miss Perfect.

“The second place is…” The host let the audience guess.

Most of the female artists in the crowd didn’t actually expect that they could get the award.
But they were still hopeful about the result.

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Su Huixian couldn’t wait to receive the award on the stage.
She believed that with the strength and popularity that she had accumulated for several years, she could completely defeat Su Bei.

Su Bei was excellent, but she was too inexperienced.
She didn’t have a solid foundation too.

“It is…” The host’s words were then followed by a burst of dramatic music.
“Su Bei!”

“Oh?” everyone exclaimed in a less enthusiastic voice.
Obviously, they were not so convinced by the data.

Su Huixian, who had almost stood up, clenched her fists tightly to control her emotions.

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Su Bei! It was Su Bei again! She hated this name to the bone.

‘Su Bei? Why does it have to be her again?’

Even Su Bei was a little surprised when she heard the result.
She knew that her foundation was not enough for her to be liked by so many people.
But she was very grateful to those who had bought the expensive magazine for her.

The host smiled and said, “Su Bei, please come up the stage.
Actually, we all know that it hasn’t been that long since you came back.
It’s amazing that you have made such an achievement.
The truth is, we have conducted an investigation.
And we found out that due to the incident when you saved the little girl, many people felt mixed emotions for you.
They regretted following the crowd and slandering you.
And they admired your decisive action.
So I think that was the reason why many netizens bought magazines for you spontaneously this time.”

It had to be said that the host was right.
The fact that Su Bei was framed made her earn the sympathy of many people.

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