stage said, “Everyone, today, people from Jin Xiu are also here.
This brand produces traditional embroidered clothing from S Country.
The company has prospered in the United States and European countries.
Their clothing line is specially produced for the whole European market.
Last time, they invited two supermodels from our country to be their brand ambassadors.
They were Su Huixian and Su Bei.”

“Su Bei?” Someone from the audience immediately asked in confusion, “Is Su Bei their brand ambassador too?”

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Because Jin Xiu didn’t expand their market in S Country before, and Lv Shan didn’t get the promotional fund for Su Bei, no one knew that she was also one of Jin Xiu’s brand ambassadors.

This endorsement had actually made Su Huixian be on the hot searches several times.
So many people thought that she was the only brand ambassador of Jin Xiu.

The host smiled and said, “Yes, Su Bei is also Jin Xiu’s brand ambassador because they have chosen two brand ambassadors this year.
This time, Jin Xiu intends to open their market in S Country.
So they will choose the final brand ambassador between Su Huixian and Su Bei.
They only need one brand ambassador in S Country.

Today, Jin Xiu will present a splendid embroidered dress to their chosen brand ambassador.
This dress, inlaid with diamonds, was handmade by some skilled craftsmen.
It is not only a gift to express their courtesy to their brand ambassador, but also to express their love.

So, what are the criteria for choosing Jin Xiu’s brand ambassador this time? It’s only the sales volume caused by their last endorsement.”

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Everyone nodded in agreement.
Of course, the company would definitely choose a person capable of increasing its product’s sales.

Otherwise, if they chose a common person, the contract might only last for three months at most.
And it would become a joke in the industry.

This was a consensus in the entertainment industry.
That was why when artists became brand ambassadors, they would call on their fans to buy the products they endorsed.

So this time, who would be Jin Xiu’s final brand ambassador?

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