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“Congratulations, Su Bei.
You get the award of Miss Perfect and become the new brand ambassador of Jin Xiu tonight!” the host said loudly.

It was beyond Su Bei’s expectation that there would be such a big surprise tonight.

She even thought that tonight she would only be a foil to the whole celebration, and at this moment, all eyes were focused on her.

The staff of Jin Xiu put the beautiful clothes on her body.

The colorful clothes made Su Bei more beautiful.

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She was supposed to wear a normal dress to attend the ceremony tonight, but at the end, she wore the most luxurious dress.

She took the microphone, and looked at everyone and said gracefully, “Thank you for your kindness.
Maybe I’m not good enough, but I’ll try my best to match everything I get tonight!”

After Su Bei got off the stage, Lv Shan walked up to her quickly and said in a low voice, “Su Bei, you are my lucky star!”

In a short time, Su Bei got countless resources.
And the quality of the resources was good.
Lv Shan hadn’t spent much effort on them.

“We can make money together.” Su Bei smiled at Lv Shan.

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In front of the crowd, Su Huixian’s face darkened as she heard those sarcastic words.
She couldn’t stay here any longer, so she turned around and left.

Qiu Minxuan hurried to follow her!

Everyone came to congratulate Su Bei, and as for the defeated Su Huixian, no one paid attention to her now.

Su Bei proved her ability to everyone with her own strength.

The ceremony was far from over.
Later, there would have dinner and a ball, which might last till early in the morning.

It was inconvenient for Su Bei to attend these activities with Jin Xiu’s luxurious clothes, so she went back to the backstage to change the clothes.

Lv Shan brought in a dress of a luxury brand and said, “Su Bei, a brand present has brought you a dress! Give it a try.”

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