te Qiao Qiao with Qiao Weiyang!

“Let’s talk about other things after breakfast, okay?” Qiao Weiyang looked at him with a smile.

Jingyun nodded.

“Also, thank you for what happened yesterday.
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about the dirty things Qiao Jierou did.
However, that’s between her and me.
It’s a grudge between adults.
Little children can’t get involved in such things in the future, do you understand?”

“Yes!” Jingyun nodded again.

“What secrets do you have now?” Xiao Bao rushed over.

Su Zhuoqian followed behind him, and Xiao Bao said to him, “Look, Mommy and Jingyun are whispering again.”

“Since they have a secret… don’t disturb them.”

Xiao Bao: “…”

Qiao Jierou, who had suffered this time, focused all her attention on the production of Ocean’s new clothes.
She planned to use this to salvage her reputation.

The current clothes had yet to enter official production.
She was checking the designs one last time to make sure that there were no mistakes.

“Director Qiao, these are the fabrics we’ll be using for the clothes this time.
Please take a look.” A young and capable woman walked over.
She was wearing a professional suit and handed over the fabrics in her hand.

“These?” Qiao Jierou touched the fabric.
“Assistant Li, as far as I know, the price of these fabrics is probably not cheap, right?”

“Director Qiao, these fabrics match this batch of designs.
If we don’t use these good fabrics, I’m afraid they won’t be able to support those designs.
Besides, Ocean’s clothes are expensive.
It’s only right for us to use better fabrics.”

“Can we reduce the cost?”

“Director Qiao, the cost has been reduced to the max.
I’ve done my best…”

Qiao Jierou pondered for a moment and did not say anything else.

After Assistant Li went out, she received a call from Qiao Weiyang.

There was a trace of joy in her tone.
“Director Qiao… Miss Qiao.”

“Liangting, can we meet?”

Li Liangting immediately nodded.
“Okay, tell me where.”

Hearing the location Qiao Weiyang had decided on, Li Liangting immediately went over.

She had previously worked with Qiao Weiyang as her assistant and had a tacit understanding with her.

After Qiao Weiyang left, she worked under Qiao Jierou.
She couldn’t help but criticize Qiao Jierou’s way of doing things.

For example, they had repeatedly lowered the cost of the current batch of fabrics.
They were already very different from before, but Qiao Jierou was still dissatisfied.

When she arrived at the cafe downstairs, Li Liangting saw Qiao Weiyang.

After so many things, not only was Qiao Weiyang not haggard at all, but she was also energetic and radiant.

“Miss Qiao!” Li Liangting sat down in front of her.
“What made you take time out of your schedule to look for me?”

Qiao Weiyang went straight to the point.
“Liangting, come and help me.”

“I’m in charge of fabric development and production.
You’re an artiste now.
How can my ability help you?” Li Liangting said regretfully.

“I’ve opened a new company.
I’ll start a production line to produce clothes.”

“Really?” Li Liangting’s eyes lit up.

“This is my old profession, so I naturally can’t lose it.
Do you want to consider it?”

Li Liangting suddenly laughed.
“Miss Qiao, what a coincidence.
Actually, I already submitted my resignation letter to Qiao Jierou after you left.
She agreed to it.
At the moment, I’m only working for her because of the Qiao family.”

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