Lu Heting soon came to this answer.
Just like she left five years ago, he must have a lot of responsibility.

In a short time, Lu Heting had shouldered all the responsibilities.

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Yes, it must be.
Even if the whole world was wrong, it was impossible for Su Bei to do something wrong!

He was so determined.

No matter who the child’s father was, Lu Heting would be the child’s father in the future.

Lu Weijian was shocked by his brother’s imposing manner.
Sure enough, his brother hadn’t changed.
Although sometimes he was in a tangle, when he made a decision, he would take decisive actions.

Lu Weijian patted his brother on the shoulder and said, “That’s right.
It doesn’t matter how many children she has.
As long as the kid is born by my sister-in-law, he is the child of our Lu family, isn’t he? We can afford all her kids!”

His words sounded very awkward.

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Lu Heting’s cold eyes slowly moved to Lu Weijian’s palm that on his shoulder.

Lu Weijian suddenly realized that his action was not proper.
So he quickly withdrew his hand.

After thinking for a while, Lu Weijian stretched out his hand again.
This time, he could only pull his brother’s sleeve and seriously reminded him, “Brother, no matter what, she is my sister-in-law.
You can’t let other men take her away!”

Lu Heting believed that Su Bei wouldn’t do anything stupid, so he trusted her.

But he didn’t know what kind of man Da Bao was.
He had to figure it out.

Su Bei had no idea what Lu Heting had gone through.
She came back home after having dinner with Lin Moli.

Lu Heting didn’t come back.
She put the night snack she brought to him into the fridge and left a note before she fell asleep happily with Gun Gun in her arms.

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