Chapter 212: Chapter 212 He Was So Happy Today

The next day, Su Bei didn’t have work to do.
When she woke up, she changed into a yoga suit and tied her hair into a bun while Aunt Chen was shopping.
After simple cleaning up at home, she began to do yoga on the blanket.

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Gun Gun rolled to Su Bei, blinking his eyes and doing the same thing with her.

After finishing this series of exercises, she and Gun Gun took a shower and sat cross legged on the floor of the balcony, eating fruits and reading books.

Su Bei was reading a fashion magazine.
As a model, she must know a lot about her own profession.

Gun Gun was reading a picture book.
He was very quiet.
His big eyes sometimes looked at Su Bei.
If he got Su Bei’s response, he would be happy for a while.

Even if Su Bei’s response was a simple smile or a chuckles.

Lu Heting finally straightened out his thinking in the company and drove back home.

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As soon as he opened the door, he saw Su Bei and Gun Gun sitting on the balcony.
The bright sun shone on them through the half covered curtains, coated them with a warm light.

Su Bei’s hair fell down from the bun.
Her hair looked soft, like catkins, which warmed people’s heart at once.

“Daddy!” Gun Gun got up and rushed towards Lu Heting.

Lu Heting reached out his hand and picked Gun Gun up.
Su Bei asked in surprise, “You didn’t come back last night?”

I will tell you in advance next time,” Lu Heting said apologetically.

“I didn’t mean that…” He said as if she was very concerned about his private life.
“I have brought you some night snacks.
I thought if you come back late, you can take them as your dinner.
Maybe they are stale now.
Forget it.
It’s okay.”

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“Really?” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

Su Bei nodded, “I had dinner with my friend last night.
I saw your favorite food, so I packed some for you.”

Lu Heting’s restless heart was calmed down.

He reached out his hand and held Su Bei in his arms.

‘What?’ Su Bei didn’t understand what he meant.

What happened?

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At this moment, Lu Heting’s heart, which was entangled and uneasy, returned to peace as he held Su Bei in his arms.

He buried his head in Su Bei’s arms with one hand holding Gun Gun.

“Well, Lu Heting…” Su Bei’s face turned red all of a sudden.

It was too intimate, wasn’t it? She couldn’t bear the sudden intimacy.

But Gun Gun was very happy.
He hadn’t realized that his daddy was holding his “wife.” He only felt very happy when the three of them hugged each other like this.

He once saw that the children on TV often held their daddy and mommy like this!

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He had imagined such a scene for many times, but he had never experienced it before.

He was so happy today!

He also put his little hands around Su Bei’s neck and leaned his head on her shoulder, just like what Lu Heting did to Su Bei.

Well, Su Bei admitted that she was in the same mood at the moment, just like the sun shining outside the house, and the leaves swaying in the breeze, making ripples in the air.

She couldn’t resist such a scene.

She couldn’t resist such love and a complete family.

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