could also show the company’s solidarity and friendship.

Both Su Bei and Lv Shan wore very low-key clothes, and their makeup was very light.
It seemed that they didn’t want to be noticed.

However, Su Bei was still outstanding among the crowd, which made her particularly eye-catching.

Her skin was fair and radiant, and her height was superior to others.
Even if she wanted to lower her sense of existence, she couldn’t stop others from looking at her.

Just now, these people slandered Su Bei as they remembered.
But now, as soon as Su Bei appeared, she attracted everyone’s attention.

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For a moment, the relatives of the Du family and the Su family didn’t even know how to say those harsh words.

They had met Su Huixian just now.
Of course, they had regarded Su Huixian as the best girl, and undoubtedly the most beautiful one.

But now… With a simple appearance, Su Bei had defeated Su Huixian.

“Is she Su Bei? She is so…” They wanted to say the word “beautiful”, but they swallowed the word.
But the expressions on their faces could tell how they actually felt.

“In fact, Su Bei used to be…” She used to be very beautiful.
She was very beautiful and high profile, so she looked like a spoiled child of the Su family.

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But these relatives were either on the side of Xu Zhiqin, or on the side of Mrs.
Subconsciously, they thought that Su Bei didn’t deserve Du Luo.
It was Du Luo who dumped Su Bei.
Today, Su Bei appeared just because she still had feelings for Du Luo.

When they really saw Su Bei, these thoughts were still in their minds, but they could not blurt them out.

Su Bei stretched out her hand and pulled Lv Shan.
“Lv Shan, let’s sit over there.”

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