ople carefully watched the engagement ceremony of the Du family and the Su family.

Only relatives and friends could be moved by this kind of ceremony.
They had no interest in this kind of ceremony because they just had social and commercial relationship with the two families.
Now they all walked towards Su Bei.

Lu Weijian thought that it was not a big deal.
If he didn’t come, these people would certainly bother Su Bei!

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He quickly stood up and said, “Everyone, Su Bei already has a lover.
Please give us some time to be alone, OK?”

The big shots got the point at once and left.

In fact, if it weren’t for Lu Weijian, they wouldn’t have come to propose a toast to Su Bei.
Of course, some of them did have a crush on Su Bei and might have used some other way to achieve their goal.

But now, all these were stifled in the cradle.

Lu Weijian could take tonight’s achievements to ask for credit from Lu Heting.

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Seeing the situation here, Su Huixian felt much worse than being bitten by ants.

Lu Weijian continued to chat with Su Bei, “Well, I usually call Lu Heting brother.
I know you and my brother are married, so I’m helping you get rid of those men.
Can I call you sister-in-law in the future?”

“Okay, Mr.
I used to think that you were the kind of domineering boss in novels.
I thought you are not easygoing.
I thought you are very aloof.
But I really didn’t expect you to be so easy-going.
In fact, I should have thought about it earlier.
You were so nice to Lu Heting before, and I should have known that you are actually very approachable,” Su Bei said sincerely.

“Well, I’m always so approachable.
I always get along well with my colleagues in the company.”

‘Your husband is the one who is very aloof!’

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