“Good.” Lu Heting was happy.
Because he could feel Su Bei’s closeness to him in her words.
Besides, he could also feel that Su Bei was courteous to Lu Weijian.

Holding her phone in her hand, Lv Shan was trying her best to keep the scandal under control.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yu and Lu Weijian posted the Weibo one after another.

In an instant, the situation on the internet had all reversed.

Lv Shan thought, ‘Su Bei is really a good artist! Even Mr.
Weijian made the clarification for her in person!

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What’s more, Lu Weijian’s tone was so friendly that he and Su Bei even made an appointment in private.’

To be honest, Lv Shan had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and she had worked for many popular stars, but no one could successfully enter the core of the rich.
If those stars could have dinner with the rich, they would hype this for a long time.

Su Bei had such a good relationship with Lu Weijian in private, but she didn’t mention a word about it.
Lv Shan thought highly of Su Bei again.

Then numerous phone calls came up in Lv Shan’s phone.

Some of the brands which were still in wait-and-see mode for Su Huixian and Su Bei now made up their minds.
After this incident, they decisively chose Su Bei.

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It was not only because Su Bei had a good relationship with Lu Weijian, but also because of the farce this time.
Su Huixian was trying too hard to get the attention, but Su Bei was different from her.

Brand owners also had to consider risks and reputation.
It was self-evident who they would choose.

In addition, the senior management of the Qian Yu Entertainment Company called Lv Shan and asked her to take good care of Su Bei.
If Su Bei needed anything, just told them.

Lv Shan couldn’t help but complain in her heart, ‘Why didn’t you pay attention to Su Bei before?’

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