ow him.

Lu Heting soon realized that Da Bao was an excellent competitor!

Lu Heting’s only disadvantage was that he didn’t know whether Su Bei had feelings for him.

They were only nominal couple.
This fact really made him dejected.

“Brother, how about we secretly investigate who is this Da Bao? If it’s appropriate, let him join my game club! Maybe he can shoot the game advertisement with my sister-in-law!”

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As soon as Lu Weijian finished his words, he saw the change of expression on Lu Heting’s face.

There seemed to be a cold wind blowing around, which made Lu Weijian’s back feel cold.

He touched the back of his head dully, “Brother, did I say anything wrong?”

It was more than a mistake.
It was totally wrong! He not only wanted to bring his brother’s rival to his brother’s side, but also wanted to ask the rival to shoot an advertisement with his sister-in-law!

“Dear brother, I’m sorry.
Then let’s talk about how to deal with Da Bao.”

In the afternoon, Lv Shan accompanied Su Bei to see Lu Weijian.

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Generally speaking, the advertising shooting was in the charge of Lu Weijian’s subordinates.
Choosing the ambassador was out of Lu Weijian’s hand.
But Su Bei was not an ordinary artist.
She was a special artist.

Of course, Lu Weijian would receive them in person.

The people in the company didn’t think it was strange.
After all, as long as it was about the game, Mr.
Weijian liked to deal with it in person, and everyone had long been used to it.

Lv Shan also heard about this in secret, so she was very calm when she was received by Lu Weijian.

“My… Eh, Bei Bei and Lv Shan, come in and have a seat.” Lu Weijian led Su Bei and Lv Shan inside.

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