s! Its work style made people feel comfortable!

“Thank you, Director Guo.
I’m going to change my clothes and put on makeup.”

Director Guo smiled and said, “Go ahead.
Come to me when you’re ready.
I’ll tell you the details of the shooting.”

Soon, Su Bei put on her ancient costume and came out with a sword.

This time, the game developed by Lu Weijian’s company was a martial arts game with ancient style.
Su Bei was going to play the role of a female hero in ancient costume with a sword.
She had many scenes to do with the male role played by Fang Shaocong.
There was even a scene where the two of them were surrounded by the enemies and they killed the enemies together.

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Director Guo gave her a brief explanation, “We will need the wires in the later shooting.
You haven’t acted in a movie before, so you must pay attention to the camera and see where it is.
Fang Shaocong has filmed ancient costume plays, and he is quite experienced.
After he comes, you can have a good communication with him later.”

“Okay, Director Guo.
If I can’t do it later, please give me more advice.”

Director Guo liked Su Bei’s modesty very much and said, “You can have a try first.”

Although Su Bei hadn’t filmed any TV series or movies, she had filmed a lot of commercials.
As a model, she had to catch the camera on the T-stage to show her charm in front of the camera.

So she got familiar with several cameras’ location soon and Director Guo was more satisfied with her.

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“Everyone, get ready.
We can start shooting soon!” Director Guo shouted.

“Director Guo, Fang Shaocong hasn’t come yet.”

Director Guo frowned, “What happened? Have you called him?”

“I called his agent.
His agent said he was not feeling well and couldn’t come.
However, Fang Shaocong specially told me that if Su Bei called him and sincerely apologized to him, he would consider coming right away.”

Director Guo immediately realized that there must be something wrong.

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