“I’m really not feeling well.
I can’t get up.
Well, Su Bei, come to see me tonight.
I believe that I can recover tomorrow without any delay.

Fang Shaocong was smart enough to know that Su Bei was on guard this time, so he spoke carefully and made Su Bei get nothing on him.
Even if Su Bei got the recording, it was useless.
He did not show the dirty and lascivious side at all.
Instead, he sounded really weak.

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Besides, he asked Su Bei to visit him tonight.
Who knew what he would do tonight?

If something really happened, Su Bei would be unable to explain herself.

“Let’s talk about it tonight.
Have a good rest.” Su Bei had no choice but to hang up the phone politely.

After hanging up the phone, Su Bei wished she could beat Fang Shaocong to death.

Su Bei could imagine how bitter and helpless the women who had been forced to be with him before.

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Fang Shaocong didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.
He was in good spirit.
He was smoking a cigar while shaking the red wine glass.
Lying on the chair, he enjoyed the massage from the masseuse.

He had made up his mind that Su Bei would come to see him tonight.

Women nowadays were so obedient that he could get whatever he wanted as long as he was willing to spend money.
It had been a long time since the last time he met a woman as tough as Su Bei, and it had also been a long time since he met such a beautiful woman with first-class figure and face.

His agent poured him a glass of wine and said in a low voice, “Mr.
Shaocong, what about Mr.
Weijian? We even accepted the endorsement fee.”

“I’m sick.
Why can’t I ask for a leave and go to work tomorrow?” Fang Shaocong replied casually.

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