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Since it was for work, Lu Heting didn’t say anything more and sent her there as she said.

“Then I’ll go.
You can go back first.
I can take a taxi later.” Su Bei waved at him.

Turning around, Lu Heting planned to find a place to wait for Su Bei.

He was really worried about leaving her alone.

He drove to the parking lot, and a car honked to greet him.

It was Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian stopped the car and rushed over, “Brother, are you here to see Da Bao?”

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“See Da Bao?” Lu Heting frowned.

“It’s that powerful hacker and game expert.
According to the IP address you found, I found that he lives nearby.
It was probably in that community.
I’m here for further investigation.
Aren’t you here to see him?”

I came here for some personal affairs,” Lu Heting said calmly.

“If you are not busy, let’s have some food here.
I’ll check which floor and which room he lives on.” Lu Weijian invited.

Lu Heting happened to be free, and he planned to stay here to wait for Su Bei.
So he agreed to Lu Weijian’s proposal.

Su Bei was here for Lin Yu.

She guessed that Lin Yu might stay at Lin Moli’s place to eat hotpot.

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Where could others find Lin Yu?

The answer was hotpot restaurant.

However, there were too many crazy fans, and the paparazzi were also emerging one after another.
Every time Lin Yu appeared in the hotpot restaurant, on the second day, others could even find out what he had eaten and whether he had put oyster sauce in it.

So Lin Yu seldom went out to eat hotpot.
He usually ordered take out at home.

It was boring to eat alone.
Most of the time, he would choose to eat with Lin Moli.

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