She subconsciously chose the surname she was most familiar with and liked.

As for “Bei”, it had the similar pronunciation with “Bei”.
So she chose the name “Lu Bei”.
She thought it was a good name.

“Nice to meet you, young man.” Director Guo said, “Come with me and let me know your ability.
Weijian thinks your image is fine, but whether you can do the job or not depends on your performance.”

Su Bei immediately followed the staff to change into the ancient costume.

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The young man in ancient costume stood in the wind with a sword in his hand, and Su Bei stood still.
The picture satisfied Director Guo.

“Lu Bei, think about it.
Although you are young, you are a gallant man who loves the world.
You should show such a temperament!” Director Guo shouted.

After thinking for a while, Su Bei found that her temperament of dressing up as a man was relatively gentle.
After all, she was a woman by nature.

Feng Feifei had told her that after she disguised as a man, she could imitate whatever kind of man she wanted to be.

Su Bei would imitate Lin Yu, but she didn’t dare to imitate Feng Ze.

Lin Yu’s temperament was pure and gentle, not much different from that of Su Bei.

All of a sudden, a thought came to her mind, and the face of Lu Heting appeared.

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He had always been such a considerate and generous man.
It was the most appropriate to learn from him.

After thinking for a while, the aura around Su Bei’s body was quite similar to that of Lu Heting.
Perhaps she was very familiar with him, so she grasped his aura without thinking too much.

All of a sudden, the aura around Su Bei became almost the same as what Director Guo wanted.

Director Guo was amazed.
How could he meet such a talented young man!

After the shooting, he had to treat Su Bei a meal to thank her for her recommendation.

On the other side.

‘It’s so weird.
Why would I miss him no matter what I do?’ Su Bei thought.

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