ong’s secrets by batches.

The first one to stand out was a famous doctor on Weibo.

He said directly, “First of all, I have to admit that it is a very wrong thing to announce the patient’s privacy, and it is even completely against our professional ethics.
Please don’t learn my mistake.
I will also bear the corresponding punishment for it, accept the supervision of everyone, and will not receive patients in this respect in the future.

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Secondly, I have to announce this privacy, that is, I don’t want more people to be hurt.
At present, a male artist has accepted my treatment for many times.
He has some male’s disease.
This disease is very infectious and harmful to the body itself.
People who had such a disease needs to be celibate and receive a continuous and complete treatment.
Otherwise, it is not only irresponsible to his own body, but also irresponsible to his lover.

However, this male artist didn’t listen to my advice.
He didn’t come to the hospital on time.
He continued to have sex with many women.
Besides, he didn’t implement protective measures.
What’s more, he even caused dozens of women to be infected.
Those women came to me for treatment, causing them to be in great pain, and even affected their work and life.

I’m here to call on this male artist and everyone else.
Sex is not a monster.
It’s normal for everyone to have desire, but you can’t act recklessly to hurt yourself and others.

For his lovers, please go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible and don’t miss the best time for treatment.
This kind of disease is far more harmful to women than to men!

Please cherish your health!”

Although the doctor didn’t mention Fang Shaocong’s name, according to the current hot search and all the information he had revealed, it was easy to imagine that the male artist he was talking about was Fang Shaocong!

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