the first test, but instead of going to the lobby, she headed straight to the office of the logistics department.

Liao Youhui was inside, packing up her stuff.
Since she had broken several pairs of shoes and almost hurt a model, she had been dismissed by the supervisor.

After packing her things, she looked up and saw Su Bei standing in front of her.

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She sneered, “Miss Su, are you here to laugh at me?”

“Well, I don’t really find this funny, do you?” Su Bei asked.
She looked as elegant as ever.

“Then why are you here?”

“Do you think that you did a great thing just now? You even gave up your own future for Su Huixian’s sake.
Do you think she is worth it?”

Liao Youhui was stunned.
“She has always been good to me.
She has never treated me like the daughter of a servant, unlike some lady, who has always looked down on me!”

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“Liao Youhui, tell me, do you think highly of your own mother?”

Liao Youhui was rendered speechless.

“Who do you think helped your mother get the free medicine for her chronic blood disease for the past dozen years? It was my mother, and then me,” Su Bei said plainly.
“My mother and I just don’t like to talk about such things.”

Liao Youhui’s face paled after hearing this.
“Really? Why have you never mentioned this to me before?”

“There was no need to tell you about it,” Su Bei replied calmly.
It was obvious that she didn’t think that she had done anyone a great favor, and that she didn’t expect any reward for doing a good deed.

Liao Youhui knew that Su Bei wouldn’t lie to her.
After all, with her identity and social status, Su Bei didn’t have to lie about such a trivial matter.
Besides, she could find out the truth with a simple investigation.

However, she had hurt Su Bei, the one who had reall

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