lize that suffering for a short while was better than prolonged pain.

She smiled, saying, “Because I want to make more money, enjoy life, and take up less responsibilities for the company.
I’m tired, so I want to be lazy.”

Lu Heting found this reason acceptable.

He said in a low and tolerant voice, “You should rest more if you’re tired.
Our family doesn’t lack money.
We won’t treat you unfairly.”

“I’m relieved to know that you can support the kids.
Thank you, Lu Heting,” Su Bei said with a bright smile.

“I should be the one thanking you.
Thank you for bringing Da Bao back.” ‘Thank you for being in my life.’

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Su Bei quickly made a few phone calls and refused the offers from these companies.

These companies felt a little regretful, but since Su Bei did not have such plans in mind, they could only accept her choice.

Actually, Su Bei was also feeling a little regretful.
Each of these companies had their own strengths, and she liked one of them very much.

Unfortunately, she did not have the ability to sign such a long contract.

Back in her room, Su Bei sorted out the work that Song Ruinian had given her.

She took all the photos that were required.

Wei Lan and Lu Weijian’s remuneration had already been clearly stated in the contract.
Some of the remuneration would be sent to Qian Yu Entertainment Company, while the rest would be directly transferred to Su Bei’s account.

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She did not need to take on any new jobs.

The next morning, she went straight to the company with the card that Mrs.
Lu had given her, intending to ask Song Ruinian to cancel her contract.

When Su Bei arrived, Du Luo happened to be sending Su Huixian to the company.

When his car stopped, he saw Su Bei walking over.
He subconsciously looked at her.

Su Bei had not driven today.
Instead, she took the subway and walked over leisurely with her bag.

She was dressed casually in a white T-shirt, shorts, and sandals.

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