He felt sorry for Su Huixian.

Xu Zhiqin chimed in, “That’s right.
How can I seek justice for you if I don’t call the police? Su Bei will never admit to her mistake otherwise!”

Su Huixian shook her head.
“Mom, it’s not as simple as you think.
She’s still a member of the Su family.
If anything happens to her, it’ll also affect the reputation of the Su family.
Besides, she’s doing well in the company now.
If we lay a hand on a cash cow like her because of me, what will the company think of me?”

Xu Zhiqin was speechless for a moment.
She really did not dare to destroy her daughter’s future.

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She had lived in the shadow of being a homewrecker her whole life and she had not made much progress in her career.
Now that her daughter was finally doing well and she was going to be a young grandmother in the near future, she really should not offend anyone in the company.

Du Luo held Su Huixian’s hand and said, “I’m sorry, Huixian.”

“I’m just thinking about the bigger picture.
If Su Bei apologizes in private, I’ll forgive her,” Su Huixian said generously.

It was decided.
She would not call the police but would ask Su Bei to apologize in private.

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While sending Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin out, Du Luo said, “Uncle, Aunt, you should head back home first.
Let’s not do anything about the matter regarding Su Bei for now.
We can talk about the apology after she has sorted out her thoughts.”

The topic of Su Huixian’s miscarriage was still being discussed on Weibo.

However, there was no follow-up news.

Su Huixian had said that she did not push Su Bei, but she did not come up with an explanation.
Qiu Minxuan continued to rile up Su Huixian’s fans and incited them to cause trouble by cursing and scolding Su Bei.

Su Huixian’s fans and Su Bei’s fans argued heatedly.

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