Luo asked with concern.

Su Huixian realized that Du Luo did not know about it yet.

He probably had not watched the live broadcast.

She burst into tears and said, “Du Luo, I… I really wanted to be pregnant with your child.
I’m really sorry…”

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“Silly, why are you talking about this again? And why didn’t you tell me that you were discharged?”

“Du Luo, I really didn’t expect that I wasn’t pregnant.
I always thought that I was carrying a child.
Doctor Chen lied to me.
I shouldn’t have believed him…”

Du Luo was confused.
“What’s going on?”

“Doctor Chen and my assistant must have been bribed.
They told me that I was pregnant but I wasn’t.
They were also the ones behind my so-called miscarriage… I’m sorry.
I really didn’t know that this would happen…”

“Did Su Bei bully you again?”

Su Huixian only cried, and Du Luo’s heart ached for her.

“Du Luo, let’s just forget about this matter.
I don’t want to be entangled with Su Bei anymore.
Things in the entertainment industry are too complicated, and I don’t think I can do it.
I’ve worked too hard.
I don’t want to compete with Su Bei anymore.”

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Du Luo comforted Su Huixian for a long time before driving away.

He was very angry at what Su Bei had done.

When he looked through Weibo, he saw that netizens were scolding Su Huixian.

Sensing that something was wrong, Du Luo thought for a while before watching the video of Su Bei’s apology.

Shortly after, Du Luo’s mind went blank.
What Su Bei had said was really reasonable.
The evidence she showed and the suspicious points that Su Huixian could not answer made people involuntarily side with Su Bei.

Su Huixian had used a fake pregnancy to win the Du family’s favor.
She had also lied to herself and hurt Su Bei.

Du Luo slammed his fist on the steering wheel with mixed feelings.

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