Answer me seriously and honestly.
Why do you always choose to believe in me no matter what happens?” Su Bei suddenly turned to him and asked with a smile.

“Because of my intuition, and because I believe that the person I love is a kind woman.”

His deep and sexy voice reverberated in the car.

Su Bei felt a little dizzy.
How could he say that she was the one he loved?

This answer was too heavy…

Su Bei really wanted to take back her question.
If she had known that he would answer it like this, she would not have asked him this question.

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Did he not always say that marriage was just a matter of convenience? Did he not say that it did not matter who one got married to?

Su Bei immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Actually, her heart was beating fast.
He was so charming that she could not help herself.

She was sleepy earlier, but she could not fall asleep now.

When the car arrived at the entrance of the neighborhood, she closed her eyes tightly.
She did not dare to open them as she did not know how to face him.

Lu Heting smiled.
He had seen through her act.

However, it just so happened that he really wanted to hug her.

Usually, he was afraid of scaring her, so he let her dodge.
If she did not want wake up, it would be the best opportunity for him.

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He bent down and picked her up.

Feeling his arms around her, Su Bei realized that she seemed to have made a mistake again.
She should not have pretended to be asleep… However, now that she was in his arms, she could see his well-defined jaw every time she opened her eyes a little.

He lowered his eyes so that he was directly looking at her.
She could not get up even if she wanted to.

Forget it.
She would just pretend to be asleep.

She simply closed her eyes.

Her every move and complicated expression fell into Lu Heting’s eyes, making him smile.

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