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“Okay, Third Brother,” Su Bei said seriously.

Gu Xifeng was speechless.

What did Eldest Brother like about her?

“Third Brother, how have you been? Did Lin Shitou bully you? Did Feng Feifei steal the specialties from S Country that I sent you? If he did, tell me.
I’ll help you deal with them.”

Gu Xifeng was a man of few words.
It was common for him to be suppressed by Feng Feifei and Lin Shitou’s words.

Of course, it was also because of Gu Xifeng’s good temper that he let them have their way.


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Indeed, Su Bei was worthy of being liked.

“Little Fifth Sister, the eldest wants to celebrate your new milestone for you, so get ready.” Su Bei was the youngest among them, so she was called Little Fifth Sister.

“Hey…” This time, it was Su Bei’s turn to be cruelly hung up by Gu Xifeng.

If she had known this would happen, she would not have posted it in the WeChat group.

However, if she did not announce it, they would always be worried that Qian Yu Entertainment Company would squeeze her dry.
They could not wait to appear together and save her from the abyss of suffering.

Life was really difficult.

“Let’s prepare a welcome party for you,” Tang Xinru said.

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“No need.
It’s just a three-month-long cooperation.” Su Bei did not expect that even Tang Xinru would say this.

“Even if we’re only working together for three days, you’ll still be under my protection,” Tang Xinru said domineeringly.

Besides, she was looking forward to working with Su Bei for much longer than just three months.

Su Bei nodded.
“Then, Mrs.
Tang, shall we just have a simple welcome party?”

“Alright, let’s make it simple.
I’ll just let you meet my main partners.
We can go to the hotel and have dinner together.”

I’ll be there on time.”

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